Innomech develops high speed packaging system for global automotive supplier

Innomech has designed the new system to automate a particularly labour-intensive and repetitive product packaging process for a series of components that are used within automotive fuel injectors.

Automation consultancy GB Innomech (Innomech) has developed a new high speed

automated product packaging system that will help SG Technologies - a global leader in the
production of high performance magnetic components - to more than double the production
capacity for one of its highest volume products.
Innomech has designed the new system to automate a particularly labour-intensive and
repetitive product packaging process for a series of components that are used within
automotive fuel injectors. The new fully customised system gives SG Technologies the option
to increase production throughput for this product line by 150%, while also improving its
manufacturing process efficiency and reducing work in progress. It also means the
companys skilled operators can focus on more varied and challenging manufacturing tasks
such as short production runs of highly specialised parts.
The automated system eliminates all manual handling of finished magnetic components as
they are being transferred from work in progress trays into specially-designed packaging trays
ready for shipment. It has also been configured to handle two distinct product families, each
containing multiple variants and without requiring any manual adjustment. The system works
by gently sweeping the components onto a conveyor belt, a high speed laser micrometer
verifies the height of each part to within a few microns, and then a Codian ‘pick and place
robot transfers five components at a time into a packaging tray.
"Innomech has developed the ideal system to automate a potentially rate-limiting product
packaging process and to provide us with increased flexibility and capacity to meet fastgrowing
and changing customer demands. The system also removes any risk of potential
damage to products through manual handling which is critical in our drive towards zero defect
manufacturing and even greater process efficiencies," said Stuart Hutcheon, commercial
director at SG Technologies.
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Innomech was first appointed by SG Technologies to carry out an in-depth feasibility study
and to recommend the most cost-effective way of automating the companys existing manual
packaging process. The consultancys automation specialists then built a working prototype
to demonstrate key aspects of the system before proceeding with the design and
development phase. The new system has been designed to operate 24/7 and took around 10
months to develop from initial concepts through to system build, test and integration into the
clients existing production line.

Notes to editors:
About GB Innomech
GB Innomech (Innomech) specialises in automating highly complex and labour-intensive manufacturing
processes to maximise outputs, improve product quality and boost business performance. The
company works with major international manufacturers in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical
devices and environmental, as well as earlier-stage businesses looking to bring breakthrough
technologies or products to market.
Innomech has a growing market reputation for solving the toughest of manufacturing problems by the
early identification and management of risk, often cross-fertilising technologies and techniques from a
range of industry sectors. All projects from initial feasibility studies through to building production-scale
machines are conducted to high specification pharmaceutical industry standards and are designed to
comply with GAMP5, FDA and other international standards.

The company was founded in 1990, is based at The Innovation Centre in Witchford, north of Cambridge
and was awarded The Queens Award for Enterprise 2009 to recognise its sustained growth in
international markets.
For additional information about GB Innomech please visit or contact:
 Press enquiries to Simon McKay on +44 (0)1353 741075 or email to
 All other enquiries to Tim Mead at Innomech on +44 (0)1353 667394
About SG Technologies
SG Technologies is a global leader in the production of high performance magnetic components and
assemblies. The company specialises in the development of innovative magnetic materials and process
technologies that allow its customers to improve efficiency and performance in their end product.
SG Technologies works with clients through all stages of the product cycle: from initial concept, through
prototype production, all the way to high volume, zero defect manufacture. And is proud of being the
trusted, long term partner for magnetic components for many of the worlds leading technology and
manufacturing companies including: Bosch, Delphi, Ford, VW and Caterpillar.
For further information please see

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