Photron’s FASTCAM Mini AX, UX, and WX High Speed Cameras with Double the Memory at 32GB

The high-speed video cameras in Photron’s FASTCAM Mini AX, UX and WX product lines offer twice the memory from previous 16GB models, now at 32GB.

SAN DIEGO, CA -- June 9, 2016 -- ¬¬¬¬¬Photron, Inc., ( a global leader and manufacturer of high-speed cameras and software for slow motion analysis, announces the new 32GB memory option for the FASTCAM Mini AX, FASTCAM Mini UX, and FASTCAM Mini WX High Speed Camera Systems. The new memory option is doubled at 32GB; other memory options still available are 4 GB, 8 GB, and 16 GB. Photron's recently introduced product families are also renowned for their remarkable light sensitivity. The Mini AX family provides genuine ISO 40,000 (mono) and ISO 16,000 (color), as measured to the industry's true ISO Ssat 12232 standard, with the IR filter retained as per ISO 12232, not removed to produce fictitious ‘T' values. The camera systems have high-performance Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, making it convenient and easy for the user to view and analyze slow motion video data from their desktop or laptop PC.

With the new memory option of 32GB, Photron's FASTCAM Mini cameras are exceptionally well-suited for demanding high-frame-rate imaging applications such as onboard and off-board automotive safety testing, biomechanics, material sciences, military/aerospace research, fluid dynamics such as PIV, life sciences, and critical laboratory research. The compact, rugged FASTCAM Mini camera systems are also designed for high-G, high-shock environments, tested to 100 G,
10 ms, 6 axes.
The superior light sensitivity featured in Photron's FASTCAM Mini camera systems enable the video capture of extremely high speed events, without the need for additional, and often expensive and high-temperature-generating lighting packages. Superior light sensitivity also enables faster frame rates, shorter shutter speeds, and/or greater depths of field, under the same lighting conditions, to be used without added illumination.

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Photron, Inc. (USA) ( - San Diego, CA) is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of digital high-speed cameras, including the world's fastest megapixel video systems. High-speed imaging products range from low-cost solutions to highly specialized, intensified systems for biofluorescence and combustion analysis. High- speed, slow-motion cameras featuring high definition (HD) resolution up to 2,000 frames per second are available for motion picture, reality TV, sports, and broadcast applications. For production fault-finding, Photron offers high-speed imaging systems with multiple miniature cube or pencil camera heads. For extreme or hostile environments, such as vehicle crash testing and/or military weapons proving, Photron's high-G rated camera systems are utilized. Cameras include standard and custom, high-resolution, high-speed imagers, software, and systems to meet R&D, automotive, commercial, medical, and defense-related motion image analysis requirements.

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