ESI Connects Virtual Prototyping with Product Operational Performance

With recent acquisitions in Systems Modeling, Cloud delivery, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, ESI has dramatically extended the customer value of its core business of Virtual Prototyping. Today, ESI enables its customers to close the loop between:

Paris, France, May 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESI Group , pioneer and world-leading solution provider in Virtual Prototyping for manufacturing industries, introduces a complete and transformational offering to help industrial manufacturers leapfrog their traditional "Product Lifecycle Management" (PLM), which focuses on design and development, and manage instead their "Product Performance Lifecycle" (PPL) during the anticipated operational product life all the way from maintenance to phase-out. With recent acquisitions in Systems Modeling, Cloud delivery, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, ESI has dramatically extended the customer value of its core business of Virtual Prototyping. Today, ESI enables its customers to close the loop between:

on the one hand the product development space, using digital models to virtually design and develop - i.e. test, fabricate and assemble - products before they exist in the real world
and on the other hand the product actual operations - i.e. once the product has rolled out of the assembly line - by incorporating real-time and real-world data to better understand and mitigate how a product is used, mis-used, ages and ultimately fails or is retired.
Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL) implementation is especially relevant to the autonomous systems market (such as for autonomous vehicles) and in extension, to all other markets related to connected sensors and cyber-objects, which are currently experiencing exponential growth. ESI's Virtual Prototyping solutions, which already combine 3D-4D detailed 'passive' modeling and 0D-1D reduced 'active' system integration, are now acquiring a 'learning' aptitude to get autonomous and smart. Virtual Prototyping immersed in PPL is set to reach a larger community of professional consumers in the world of smart operations, predictive maintenance & competitive services.

"ESI's innovative strategy to combine Virtual Prototyping with data-driven analytics and immersive Virtual Reality experience enables industrial manufacturers to maximize the useful and reliable operational lifetime of their products through constant performance management," says Cristian Tanasescu, Executive Vice President of ESI Group. "Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL) strongly differentiates ESI from traditional PLM vendors."

ESI has recently executed a series of strategic acquisitions destined to make Virtual Prototyping vastly more valuable and accessible. In order to develop smarter and tentatively autonomous products, designers and engineers must anticipate multiple new unknown and associated risks, which now call for simulating the somewhat unclear ways different sensors and systems may interact and function/dysfunction together. In addition, it becomes increasingly critical to enable system 'fault' prediction at an operational level, resulting for instance from design weaknesses, fabrication defects, or wear and tear, to mitigate detrimental consequences right from the conception phase. With the ominous swell of data coming from various sensors, as our vehicles, phones, homes, and all other 'smart' objects in our daily life become interconnected through the pervasing growth of the "Internet of Things", it is essential and critical that not only data analysts, but also engineers, designers and other stakeholders learn how to make sense and create value out of the mass of "big data" and intelligence continuously created.

The users of ESI's Virtual Prototyping solutions are entitled to and expect to leverage the latest advancements in Data Analytics and Machine Learning technologies in an intuitive way, so as to get quicker answers from their virtual prototypes and to anticipate any failures in their end product operations. This is what ESI's Data Analytics team is dedicated to deliver. We also expect to refine and provide advanced Computer Aided Engineering solutions (CAE) to any 'mobile' user around the world, without any significant hardware investment. Today, ESI Cloud enables easy-to-use CAE in the Cloud and will deliver more and more Cloud solutions in the near future, so that Virtual Prototyping can be easily accessible to an increasingly large community of users. Thanks to ESI's recent acquitisions of pioneering technologies (namely: CyDesign, Amoeba/Presto, Ciespace, PicViz/INENDI, Civitec, ITI and Mineset Inc.), all these concepts and creative teams are now put in synergistic use, to support data-driven intelligent decision making.

The deeply transformational Product Performance Lifecycle (PPL) approach enables manufacturers to develop what has been coined as the "Virtual Twin" of their real-world product; one that can be used to make smarter decisions in all product lifecycle stages from design, development, testing, fabrication, operations and maintenance-repair to phase-out. ESI is now poised to equip industrial leaders with the right tools to develop connected products and predict operation and maintenance conditions from a very early stage of product design and development.

The worlds of R&D and of real-life maintenance and operations have never been so close. ESI is now addressing the extended market of professional consumers - maintenance operators, and certified technicians - who deal with closer interactions with products and consumers. In turn, the information obtained in the Internet of Things via integrated Electronic Control Units (ECU) and the feedback from professional consumers must reach designers & development engineers in order to further anticipate and improve product performance at the operational level.

Meet ESI! Cristian Tanasescu will present at the Needham Emerging Technology Conference, taking place in New York City, NY, on May 18-19, 2016.

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