Fusion3 Launches New, Fully Enclosed F400 3D Printer for Professionals and Educators

F400 delivers 3D printing speed, quality and reliability, in a fully enclosed structure,further expanding the range of its applications

Fusion3 announced the debut of its F400 3D printer, the worthy successor to the critically acclaimed F306, at the Inside3DPrinting Conference & Expo. The F400 delivers reliability and superior output quality and print speed, in a fully enclosed structure and at an affordable price of $4,499. This combination of features and price, along with the longest warranty in the industry, further expands the range of its application for business & education customers.

"We started Fusion3 three years ago because we felt that we can deliver at least 95% of the speed, quality, and reliability of today's industrial-grade 3D printers that cost $20,000 to $100,000," says Chris Padgett, Fusion3 CEO. "Fusion3 continues to provide our customers with industry leading performance at a price below $5,000, while improving every feature of our systems. The F400 delivers best-in-class performance while remaining affordable, making it ideal for both professional and educational users."
The new, fully enclosed F400 sets a new standard in affordable, high performance 3D printing. Based on the company's proven "F-Series" Core XY architecture, the F400 features:
Best-In-Class Performance
Print Speed up to 250MM/sec and layer resolution as low as .05MM
All metal E3D print head with hardened steel nozzle for superior performance
New 32-Bit controller provides even faster (20%) print speeds (vs. F306)
Durable metal enclosure & rigid frame provides unparalleled mechanical stability
Pre-assembled and calibrated at Fusion3's factory for optimal performance
Large, Enclosed Print Area
1.46 cu ft print area (14.2"×14.4"×12.6")
Aluminum enclosure provides stable temperature environment for printing high temperature materials including ABS and Polycarbonate
Large, clear windows allow you to view the printer as it operates
Modular components and convenient access to the interior for easy maintenance and servicing
Designed for Ease of Use & Manageability
Easy to read 4.7" touch screen puts advanced controls at your fingertips
Full-featured remote management; upload files, monitor print progress and manage your F400 remotely from anywhere on your network (via ethernet) (wifi capable, requires 3rd party adapter)
Automated Bed Leveling via built in IR sensor which samples the bed height and adjusts the Z axis in real time to maintain the correct height
Every F400 comes with a 2 seat license of Simplify3D Creator ($149 value). This easy to use, slicing software is lightning fast and generates superior output of your models, optimized for the selected material.
Open Materials Philosophy
Tested to work with a wide range of materials beyond PLA & ABS, including Nylon(s), PCTPE, t-glase, PETG, N-Vent, HIPS, Infused PLAs,
PC-ABS, Polycarbonate, PMMA, and more
E3D print head with included hardened steel nozzle ensure performance, even with metal, ceramic and other abrasive filaments
Capable of printing most materials with melting points <300*C
Fusion3 tests & certifies new materials, publishing optimized profiles on a regular basis
Enhanced Safety & Comfort
Door with large windows provides engaging visual experience in educational environments while protecting against contact with high temperature surfaces & sensitive electronics
Quiet operation for office and libraries (36db with door closed)
Optional HEPA / Carbon Filter System provides filtration for sites lacking adequate ventilation
Addition of new sensors that provide additional protection and automatic shutdown in the event of heat-related issues during long prints.
Durability & Reliability for Maximum Uptime
F-Series platform, first used on the F306, is proven to be durable and reliable
2 Year warranty on materials and workmanship; the longest warranty offered by any manufacturer (as of 4/1/2016)
Customers receive free, lifetime phone & e-mail support (troubleshooting) for the life of their printer
"Unlike the consumer 3D printing brands, we're not a "one-size fits all" manufacturer. Fusion3 has a laser focus on delivering affordable, high-performance 3D printers, with professional service & support for our business & education customers. Our customers range from small businesses and middle schools, to the largest companies & universities, as well as government entities who all require printers that can reliably deliver high quality prototyping and small-run manufacturing of plastic parts. Our ability to compete with the large industrial printers has been validated by our growing roster of blue-chip, Fortune 500 customers," says Chip Royce, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Fusion3
Two variants of the F400 are available for purchase through the company's website and resellers and on demonstration at the Inside3DPrinting Exhibition at New York's Javitz Convention Center (April 11th and 12th, 2016).
The F400-S (Single Extruder) at $4,499 USD, is for customers who need a combination of fast printing speeds and great print quality. The F400-S features an E3D v6 Hotend and .4 mm case hardened steel nozzle.
The F400-HFR (High Flow Rate) at $4,699 USD, is designed for a growing segment of customers who require even faster printing for larger production parts. The F400-HFR features an E3D ‘Volcano' Print head and .8 mm nozzle providing an up to 50% reduction in print times over the already fast F400-S.
To learn more about the F400 and to request a personalized quote (including freight shipping to your destination), please visit: http://www.fusion3design.com/f400-enclosed-3d-printer/
Fusion3 designs and manufactures affordable, high-performance 3D printers for commercial and education customers. Fusion3's printers provide best-in-class speed, print quality and durability at a fraction of the cost of commercial / industrial printers on the market today. The company accomplishes these feats through patented design features, manufactures its printers here in the US to exacting standards and provides commercial-grade service and support options that keep our customers up and running. To learn more about Fusion3, visit http://www.fusion3design.com.

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