Mitsubishi Electric Establishes Factory Automation Centers in Italy and South Africa

Strengthening FA Product Service Network in Southern Europe and Africa

TOKYO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503) announced today the establishment of two factory automation ("FA") centers, the Italy FA Center in Milan, Italy, and the South Africa FA Center Satellite in Johannesburg, South Africa. This strategic move will expand the FA product support network in Southern Europe and Africa, while also strengthening and accelerating local customer service. Both FA centers will commence product support services from April 1.

The production of electric machinery is thriving in Italy, and Mitsubishi Electric foresees increasing demand for product support services in the automation sector. Meanwhile, South Africa is seeing rising investment in social infrastructure projects, which is expected to draw an increased number of Japanese manufacturers and drive growth in local industries such as mining.

Until now, FA product services for Southern Europe and South Africa were handled by the Europe FA Center in Poland. The two newly established FA Centers will contribute to increased customer satisfaction by providing more rapid and locally tailored services to these regions.

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US Digital - E4T Miniature Optical Kit Encoder

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