High-resolution 3 MP lenses for high-resolution USB 3.0 industrial cameras

What a sharp combination

Industrial camera manufacturer IDS Imaging Development Systems now offers lenses that are suitable for its USB 3.0 cameras with a resolution up to 3 MP and a sensor format up to 2/3". The new Fujifilm HF-XA series maintains high resolution across the entire image even with change of aperture and working distance. It consists of five models with fixed focal length: 8, 12, 16, 25 and

35 mm.
The compact C-Mount lens comes with a small diameter measuring only 29.5 mm. Combined with IDS' CMOS cameras of the USB 3 uEye CP series measuring only 29 x 29 mm, it is especially suitable for applications in small working spaces. The 3 Megapixel lenses fully resolve at a pixel pitch of 4.4 μm, and they provide high resolution across the entire image even with change of aperture and working distance. This enables a flexible usage of the lenses in versatile applications with consistent image quality. Especially the new USB 3.0 industrial camera UI-3160CP with ON Semiconductor's fast 2.3 MP CMOS sensor PYTHON 2000 (full resolution: 1920 x 1200 pixels, Full HD with more than 180 fps), it delivers sharp images from the image center to the corners.
The lenses support a sensor size of 2/3" but they are applicable even on larger sensor sizes of IDS' industrial cameras up to 1/1.2" such as models with Sony IMX174 sensor.

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