Data Translation Offers Real Time ARM-Based Data Acquisition Module

High Accuracy, High Speed, Simultaneous Measurement for Applications Using Linux

Marlboro, MA - July 1, 2015 - Data Translation today announced the DT7816, a real-time ARM-based, high throughput, high accuracy, simultaneous data acquisition module. For use in embedded applications, the real time module is an open-source Linux platform that runs out-of-the-box with extensive example programs using TIs SDK Essentials package.

The module is a complete data acquisition system with 8 simultaneous 400kHz ADC inputs, 2 simultaneous 400kHz DAC outputs, plus digital functions of 16 digital I/O, counter/timer, tachometer, and measure counter. The ARM Cortex A-8 runs at 1GHz with 2GB on-board Flash memory, and has interfaces for USB host and client, plus Ethernet and SD card.

"The promise of embedded high-performance data acquisition running Linux is now here with the DT7816. Leveraging our broad 40-year history of building high accuracy measurement modules, the DT7816 combines high accuracy, high speed data acquisition with the power of the ARM A-8 to allow real time processing of analog signals in many industrial, scientific, and medical applications," states Fred Molinari, President. "Our task was to offer extensive Linux guidance and examples to make the low-cost embedded data acquisition capability greatly simplified for our users."

A major advantage of the DT7816 is the ability to perform all I/O functions at the same time, i.e. simultaneous operation of all inputs and outputs. Since the A/D and D/A subsystems have independent clocks, the input and output functions can run separately or in unison. This allows continuous acquisition of data while output functions are carrying out their tasks. The benefit is real-time performance without limitation for signal acquisition and generation.

The DT7816 comes preinstalled with Linux version 3.12 device drivers and Debian file system. Users can power it up and start using it right out of the box. In essence, the module is a fully functional Linux PC. Several example applications are preinstalled to show how to use the A/D, D/A, digital I/O, counter/timers, measure counter, and tachometer.

Extensive documentation is provided to help set up a Linux-based cross-development system with the TI SDK package, DT7816 software distribution, and other open-source packages. The DT7816 software distribution includes the full source code of all custom drivers and example applications so that the examples can be used to develop custom applications.

Pricing and Availability

The DT7816 is priced at $1,195 US List and is available in 2-4 weeks.

Additional Resources
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About Data Translation
Data Translation Inc. ( is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance data acquisition (DAQ) modules for temperature, voltage, strain, and vibration measurement and analysis, with accompanying software solutions for the test and measurement market. In-house manufacturing in the company headquarters located in Marlboro, MA ensures complete quality control on all products. Additionally, 5-day standard delivery is guaranteed on most shipments, along with free comprehensive technical support.

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