"Robots - The New Era. Living, Working and Investing in the Robotics Society of the future" eBook by Andrea Forni

Milan, Italy / January 2015 - "Robots. The New Era - Living, working and investing in the robotics society of the future" is a new multimedia e-book written for a general audience and helps readers understand why Robotics is going to lead to a radical change in how millions of people live, work and invest in the stock market.

Milan, Italy / January 2015 - "Robots. The New Era - Living, working and investing in the robotics society of the future" is an exciting journey of discovery through next-generation robotics where we encounter co-worker robots, autonomous vehicles, humanoid robots, drones and other wonders that are no longer science fiction but very much part of the real world.

Robotics will become a key factor in the development of the global economy over the coming years. The spread of robots in the next 5-10 years will lead to a radical change in how millions of people live and work - as was the case with the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s, the Internet at the end of the 1990s and the smartphone in the last five years.

To direct young people towards the best job opportunities, the author addresses the subject of education, explains how and where to study robotics and lists what professions will be in most demand in the future.

Robotics is attracting investors who see a profit opportunity. According to a Washington research institute, within ten years some 40% of the companies on the Fortune 500 index will be replaced by companies from the robotics, artificial intelligence and digital manufacturing sectors. The third part of the e-book is devoted to the financial market and identifying investment opportunities in robotics equities in Europe, USA and Asia.

English and Italian editions: January 2015
Length: 300 pages (estimated by iTunes)
Multimedia content: 112 photos, 100 videos, details of 287 companies and research centres, 52 international conferences and dozens of links to corporate websites and downloadable documents.
Price: EUR 24.99 (USD 31.66)
Free samples (10% of the book) downloadable at Amazon Kindle Store, Apple iBookstore, Google Play, Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Dr Andrea Forni witnessed the first faltering steps of these disruptive technologies 25 years ago when he was a young University researcher in Artificial Intelligence applications for the Banking Industry. Present-day he is a professional financial market analyst who specialises in sectorial analysis of technological securities. He is qualified as an IFTA CFTe (Certified Financial Technician) issued by the International Federation of Technical Analysts and he is registered on the Italian Roll of Financial Advisers. Dr Forni has written dozens of articles for a wide range of printed and online publications on information technology and the financial sector. This is his second book.

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