GEMCO, a leading manufacturer of industrial mixing and drying solutions, will showcase its latest advancements at the RAPID + TCT, taking place June 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, booth 1531.

Attendees will have the chance to explore the GEMCO interactive display featuring a range of innovative products. The company's team will be available to answer questions and provide in-depth information about its solutions that empower businesses in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) sectors.

A highlight of the showcase will be the introducing of the all-new AM-MPRR system - a collaborative effort designed to revolutionize powder processing for AM. This innovative system streamlines the entire metal powder lifecycle for powder bed fusion and binder jet printing, encompassing unloading, handling, reclamation, and reconditioning.

GEMCO will also feature the ABS Blender (Lab Size) with Slant Cone Attachment: This blender is ideal for efficient small-batch mixing needs.

"GEMCO is thrilled to participate in RAPID + TCT 2024, a leading event for collaboration within the AM industry," stated Casey Bickhardt, President of GEMCO. "We're committed to sharing our expertise in powder processing solutions and partnering with fellow members of the NIST Metal Additive Manufacturing Powder Consortium to propel the future of AM technologies."

GEMCO offers two key solutions for AM manufacturers. Firstly, their blending process helps clients achieve the perfect virgin powder mix for their specific needs. Secondly, GEMCO's dryers address the challenge of excess powder by removing solvents and blending in virgin material to make the powder reusable. This recycling process is particularly valuable in an industry with high upfront costs for printers and processing equipment.

Safety is a primary concern for AM powder production due to the potentially explosive nature of materials like titanium and aluminum. GEMCO addresses this concern by incorporating special grounding systems and monitoring equipment in their blenders, dryers, and recycling units. Additionally, GEMCO's vacuum tumble-drying process utilizes an inert atmosphere to protect the powder and reduce the boiling point. It can also handle potentially explosive dust and adjust temperature ranges to meet client requirements.

To schedule a meeting with GEMCO before, during, or after RAPID + TCT, please contact the company directly at 800.654.3626 or


GEMCO is a leading manufacturer of industrial mixing and drying solutions. For over 100 years, the company has provided innovative and reliable equipment to a wide range of industries. GEMCO is committed to helping its customers achieve their process goals through its dedication to quality, performance, and customer service.

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