Brooks Instrument Acquires Creative Machining Technology

Acquisition strengthens the company's ability to produce ultrahigh-purity components for critical markets like semiconductor manufacturing

HATFIELD, Pa. (USA), APRIL 18, 2024 — Brooks Instrument, a world leader in advanced flow measurement and control, has acquired Creative Machining Technology of Corona, California. The acquisition took place April 1, 2024, under Illinois Tool Works (ITW), Brooks Instrument's parent company.

Creative Machining Technology (CMT) provides a variety of machining and manufacturing services, ranging from individual part production through end-item manufacturing, kitting and assembly.

The company has long been a key supplier to Brooks Instrument, with core competencies rooted in high-precision CNC machining. CMT has proven expertise manufacturing and polishing ultrahigh-purity components with extremely tight tolerances for demanding applications, including semiconductor manufacturing.

"By integrating Creative Machining Technology into Brooks Instrument, we are enhancing our in-house expertise for critical machined components and machining capabilities, which adds to our supply chain assurance for producing ultrahigh-purity instruments," said Brent Best, Vice President and General Manager — Brooks Instrument Semiconductor Division, an ITW Company. "In addition, we've increased our capabilities for quick-turn customer R&D requests to create more innovative flow measurement and control solutions."

CMT has extensive experience manufacturing to tolerances as tight as 0.0001". This proficiency and CMT's manufacturing facilities will enable Brooks Instrument to more quickly and effectively design and produce complex wetted flow path components for the company's industry-leading mass flow controllers (MFCs). MFCs are the most important element in the gas delivery systems used for semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, CMT has both Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 clean rooms for processing and handling extremely delicate electronic components that require a controlled environment.

"This acquisition is part of our strategic approach to grow our business and position us for long-term success in the semiconductor market as we ramp up to meet anticipated growth in this segment," said Best. "Moving forward, we are excited to have CMT join Brooks Instrument as we focus on continuous improvement, growing our technology offerings and meeting our customers' needs."

The CMT acquisition is the latest in Brooks Instrument's initiatives to serve the semiconductor industry. Earlier this year the company launched a new GF120xHT Series mass flow controller for high-temperature environments, while last year opened a new manufacturing site in Malaysia to expand production and partnership opportunities with key customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

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About Brooks Instrument:

Since 1946, Brooks Instrument has been a leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. Providing instrumentation for flow, pressure and vapor delivery, the company serves customers in semiconductor and high-tech manufacturing, laboratories and other processes and industries. With manufacturing, sales and service locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia, Brooks Instrument has the world's largest installed base of mass flow controllers.

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