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SAKOR Technologies Inc., a recognized leader in the area of high-performance dynamometer systems, announces its completely revamped website, with a wealth of information on new products and capabilities. The eye-catching site features examples of projects highlighting how SAKOR integrates turnkey dynamometer based test systems, test cell controls, and subsystems for engineering validation, performance, durability, quality control, and production testing.

SAKOR's new website showcases its unique capabilities and successful project delivery in a wide range of industries, from automotive, hybrid/electric vehicle, military/aerospace, and performance racing, to marine, heavy equipment, electric motor and generator.

"I am extremely proud to be able to showcase the capabilities that place us far above competitors and highlight the types of products we have developed over the past 35 years," said Randal Beattie, president of SAKOR. "We have successfully built test stands in a huge variety of industries and the website now presents the depth and breadth of our understanding in these industries in a way that presents test system possibilities in an exciting and informative way."

The website also helps customers navigate SAKOR's unique collaborative system delivery process to build solutions to meet specific end use goals.

About SAKOR Technologies Inc.
SAKOR Technologies Inc. is a recognized leader in the manufacture and development of reliable and cost-effective automated test instrumentation systems for a wide range of applications. For over 35 years, the company has been providing quality products and superior customer service to a variety of markets including automotive, hybrid and electric vehicle, military, aerospace, marine, heavy equipment, performance racing, electric motor, consumer appliance and more.
For more information, contact us at 989-720-2700, via e-mail at:, or visit SAKOR's website at

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