CIRCOR Highlighted Houttuin Twin-Screw Pumps and Energy Recovery Control Valve at StocExpo 2023

Visitors to Stand E23 saw technology that reduces energy use and emissions

CIRCOR International, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of differentiated technology products and sub-systems, highlighted its Houttuin twin-screw pumps at StocExpo 2023, which was held 14-16 March 2023 at Rotterdam Ahoy, in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The pumps are ideal for tank storage applications, including pipeline transfer, loading and unloading, tank to tank transfer, circulation, and blending.

Visitors to Stand E23 learned more about the pumps and CIRCOR's new, innovative energy recovery control valve (ERCV) technology that converts excess hydraulic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. The ERCV combines a screw-pump, designed as a twin-screw motor, and modern variable-speed drive technology. Energy recovery is currently available from <0.1 kilowatt (kW) up to 1000 kW per unit. A medium-sized 100kW ERCV would recover about 875,000 kWh per year in continuous operation, valued today at about 75,000 €. At the same time, the ERCV reduces total CO2 emissions by 367 tons annually.

"As a company with a long-standing reputation for fluid handling equipment in terminal applications through our Houttuin Brand, we are thrilled to introduce our new product at StocExpo. The ERCV technology is a game changer in our sustainability efforts, enabling us to reduce CO2 emissions and energy usage. This marks an exciting step forward in our commitment to a more environmentally friendly future." Axel Jäschke, Director Strategic Business Development.

The Houttuin Twin-Screw 236 Series that was on display is a self-priming horizontal double entry twin-screw pump featuring two intermeshing screws rotating in a pump casing insert that ensures high pumping efficiency with constant flow and unequaled suction power. This model is ideal for pumping contaminated or lubricating and non-lubricating liquids of low or high viscosity. The pump is an excellent choice for the chemical and petrochemical, soap and grease, paint and lacquer, food and beverage, plastics, sugar, and shipbuilding industries, as well as environmental technologies and tank farms.

Also on display was the Houttuin Twin-Screw 211.40 Series, a vertical, self-priming, double entry twin-screw pump, which can also handle almost any fluid. However, the vertical design requires a smaller footprint in confined spaces and will be the perfect choice for the Houttuin ERCV solution.


About CIRCOR International, Inc.
CIRCOR International, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets differentiated technology products and sub-systems for markets including oil & gas, industrial, aerospace & defense and commercial marine. CIRCOR has a diversified flow and motion control product portfolio with recognized, market-leading brands that fulfill its customers' mission critical needs. The company's strategy is to grow organically and through complementary acquisitions; simplify CIRCOR's operations; achieve world class operational excellence; and attract and retain top talent. For more information, visit the company's website at

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