Heat Pipe Easiest way of Energy recovery Manufactured by Maniks

Heat pipe is a very easier way to transfer and recover heat energy generated in various applications or systems. It works on the principle of phase transfer and heat exchange. Maniks manufactures high efficient, cost effective heat pipes used in variegated applications.


Heat pipe is a very easier way to transfer and recover heat energy generated in various applications or systems. It works on the principle of phase transfer and heat exchange. Maniks manufactures high efficient, cost effective heat pipes used in variegated applications.

Application area of heat pipes is very wide they are seen in the applications from aerospace applications to handheld devices.

Working Principle:

A heat pipe is a two phase heat transfer device with a very high effective thermal conductivity. It is a vacuum tight device consisting of an envelope, a working fluid, and a wick structure. As shown in Figure 1, the heat input vaporizes the liquid working fluid inside the wick in the evaporator section. The saturated vapor, carrying the latent heat of vaporization, flows towards the colder condenser section. In the condenser, the vapor condenses and gives up its latent heat. The condensed liquid returns to the evaporator through the wick structure by capillary action. The phase change processes and two- phase flow circulation continue as long as the temperature gradient between the evaporator and condenser are maintained.

Working of Heat Pipes:

These gadgets are fixed vessels that are cleared and inlayed with a working liquid, regularly in a little amount. The funnels utilize a blend of vanishing and buildup of this working liquid to move heat in to a great degree proficient way.

The most widely recognized heat pipe is round and hollow in cross-area, with a wick on the internal measurement. Cool working liquid travels through the wick from the colder side (condenser) to the more sweltering side (evaporator) where it vaporizes. This vapor at that point moves to the condenser's warmth sink, carrying warm vitality alongside it. The working liquid gathers, discharging its dormant warmth in the condenser, and afterward rehashes the cycle to consistently expel heat from part of the framework.

The temperature drop in the framework is insignificant because of the high warmth exchange coefficients for bubbling and buildup. Viable warm conductivities can approach 10,000 to 100,000 W/m K for long HPs, in examination with approximately 400 W/m K for copper. The decision of material differs relying upon the application, and has prompted pairings, for example, potassium with stainless steel, water with copper, and smelling salts with aluminum, steel and nickel.


Components of Heat pipe:

It provides very high thermal conductance when designed properly and it is a passive heat transfer device. It enables transfer of heat by the action known as "Capillary Action". There are three major elements in heat pipe responsible to transfer heat namely:

· Working Fluid

It transfers heat energy from one point to another by the process of evaporation and condensation. The fluid is reticulated inside the vacuum tube by means of the forces known as "Capillary Forces" because of which process of transfer of heat is carried out automatically.

· Wick Capillary structure

This wick capillary structure is responsible for the circulating the liquid from condensation to evaporator end with the help of capillary forces.

· Vacuum Sealed tube

It is also called as heat pipe envelope which provides a leak tight pressure vessel for working liquid. This structure can be made up of aluminum, copper, titanium, stainless steel, tungsten etc. most common tubes of Heat pipes are made from the copper.


Maniks is a traditional supplier in the world of electromagnetic devices and they have proven their best quality since last thirty years following are the advantages of Maniks heat pipe which are responsible for their best performance

I provides high effectiveness for rapid payback
It is available in compact in size
No moving parts for virtually maintenance free operation
Fits units by most manufacturers
No external power required for working
· Practically zero back pressure

· Zero cross contamination streams of source and sink are physically separated

· Passive operation


Maniks heat pipes are very cost effective and reliable product which gives better performance for longer life hence they are used comprehensively in variety of applications such as

· Computer systems

· Solar thermal

· Permafrost cooling

· Cooking appliances

· Any reheat application

Schools, Laboratories, Hospitals, Office Buildings
Industrial purposes

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