Before the rise of intelligent file cabinets, the number of warehouse files is large, every time the inventory or in and out of the warehouse, all rely on manual participation, to consume a lot of manpower and time and the risk of error is larger.

Intelligent Filing Cabinets: Design Requirements, Functions, Benefits, Applications

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In the face of massive files, manual management is becoming more and more difficult, and the illegal outgoing of archives is not real-time monitoring, there is a risk of file loss at any time. The emergence of intelligent file cabinets has effectively solved a series of problems in traditional file storage.

With the development of science and technology, the survival field of all walks of life continues to expand, the technical content is getting higher and higher, the company, the relevant documents of the enterprise are more and more, improper management will lead to the loss of documents or can not get the file in time, for file management, we launched the UHF RFID management mode, while the UHF management mode is also favored by enterprises!

RFID smart file cabinet can achieve location management, intelligent access, disk storage, online monitoring and automatic identification and other functions, and can work with the intelligent file cabinet management system to quickly and intelligently access files and files, effectively improve the efficiency of file management, and make file management more intelligent, secure, standardized and automated. The intelligent file cabinet includes a computer main control system, a file positioning system and an RFID identification system.


Design Requirements of Smart File Cabinets

1. The intelligent file cabinet can be designed according to the partition mode, and multiple cabinets are spliced according to user requirements, and controlled by a unified main control cabinet.

2. The intelligent file cabinet adopts high-quality 1.0 mm cold-rolled steel plate, cabinet welding, pickling, phosphating, electrostatic spraying, which ensures the stability of the cabinet and provides its life value, which is beautiful and generous.

3. Single-port access or full-door access design, convenient file access management. The steel door structure is adopted, which is both stable and anti-theft. Tempered glass doors are optional.


Functions of Smart Automatic File Cabinet

1. File positioning and guidance: through the built-in FFID reader and antenna, the use of radio frequency identification electronic tag real-time sensing file position;

2. Authority management: the cabinet is equipped with an electronic control door lock, and the account opening authority is managed by RFID card or fingerprint, password, etc.;

3. Real-time monitoring: When the file file is read incorrectly, it will send out voice prompts and indicator lights.


Features of Smart Filing Cabinet

The intelligent file storage cabinet composed of smart antenna splitters can be independently managed and freely assembled. The specific features are as follows:

1. Due to the small size of the antenna tap panel in the cabinet, no additional power supply and control line are required. All control and power supplies are loaded with RF cables, which greatly reduces the number of wiring between cabinets, improving the reliability of the entire system while reducing costs.

The motherboard supports plug-and-play with split sub-plates, which scans the system to determine how many sub-boards are installed, the number of antennas installed on each tile, and their exact location. The addition or subtraction of the cabinet will not affect the operation of the entire system. Simplifies the additional operation of the enclosure body into two simple blocking operations for RF lines.

2. By using the smart antenna splitter, the reader use of the entire system is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the overall cost and improving the reliability of the system. The antenna section is almost maintenance-free compared to the reader.


Advantages of Intelligent Mobile Filing Cabinet

The application of smart file cabinet has brought great convenience to the work of case management personnel, and the following is a specific introduction to the main advantages of smart file cabinet.

1. The intelligent file cabinet will match the RFID (radio frequency identification) electronic tag for each file when in use, determine the location of the file box in the library, establish an electronic tag database, and connect with the intelligent file management system to find and borrow files more efficiently;

2. With the file access to the warehouse monitoring function, the process of access to and access to the file for real-time monitoring, real-time tracking, and save the access to the library log information for future reference;

3. Once there is an abnormal situation such as illegal outgoing storage and overdue repayment, the monitoring system has an automatic alarm function;

4. Support 24-hour self-service, saving manpower and operating costs.


Main Applications of Smart Automatic File Cabinets

1. Financial sector: manage important bank collateral guarantee documents, stamp cards of important bank vouchers and management of important securities documents;

2. Government entities: security department record management, public safety and legal record administrative management, etc

Intelligent filing cabinet is a new type of file intelligent storage equipment that applies RFID technology combined with intelligent file management system, which realizes the functions of file permission management, positioning management, intelligent access, intelligent inventory, online monitoring, etc., and standardizes, intelligently and automatically manages documents.

The intelligent file cabinet also has automatic statistical reports, background management, multiple identity recognition and other functions, which effectively improve the efficiency of file management and the reliability and security of access, which is the best choice for intelligent management of archives of government agencies.


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