The dilemma rests with whether Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a holistic solution to achieve Industry 4.0 transformation.

MOM Vs MES, Which is best for Industry 4.0

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The dawn of 2022 is promising for Smart manufacturing to take flight with increasing emphasis on the need to sustain efficient productivity at lower cost to company. Advance manufacturing operations and reduction of scrap or material wastage by fully exploiting the potentials of intelligence in manufacturing is the need of the hour. Unlike manufacturing execution systems, the market for manufacturing operations management is projected to reach $15.21 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2019 to 2026 as reported by allied market research.

The dilemma rests with whether Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a holistic solution to achieve Industry 4.0 transformation.  To identify the potentials of each manufacturing solution, let’s define and understand and differentiation of MoM vs MeS systems.


MoM Vs MES, Which is required for Industry 4.0 Transformation

What is MES?

Manufacturing execution systems are software that facilitate the factory management to plan shop floor operations through planning and scheduling operations whilst keeping the enterprise resource planning stakeholders well informed on production processes.

Manufacturing Execution Systems is a production-oriented software that specifically aims to build efficiency and quality into manufacturing processes. These systems proactively and systematically enforce work orders and job activities into the many processes in manufacturing. Although MES is a top-level software solution, it does not include intelligence that offers automated real-time performance optimization.


What is MOM?

Manufacturing Operations Management refers to the overall management of production operations. It is a holistic solution that facilitates elaborate visibility into the various processes and procedures at real-time through advance technologies such as IoT in manufacturing operations performance.

It is perceived that manufacturing operations management (MOM) has evolved from manufacturing execution systems (MES) with actionable insights and intelligence to optimize the execution at real-time. MOM is identified as a solution that consolidates all production processes through manufacturing intelligence for the enhancement of quality management, manufacturing execution systems, advanced planning and scheduling mechanisms (enterprise resource planning – ERP) along with effective management of research and development (R&D).


Benefits of MOM

i) Boosts Competitive Advantage – Manufacturing Operations Management systems empower enterprises to manage business operations at real-time with focus on internal and external factors at shop floor. Well-ordered and managed business operations keep internal processes like that of intellectual capital, operating policies and procedures, attrition rates at check with stability and progress.

External factor like competitiveness is increased as a result of remarkable internal stability and improvements.

ii) Increases Profitability – When business operations run seamlessly with manufacturing operations management system, managers get real-time insights on current operations that helps them to think creative and increase company’s productivity and turnover.

Digital management of production and business operations enable better productivity, reduce rejections, and lends time to better handle profits and expenses. When predictions are monitored and maintained effectively, profitability ratios are cautiously understood and maximized.

iii) Advance Product Capability / Quality – Manufacturing operations management provides opportunities to enhance product capability / quality of production with close monitoring and management of material usage with various development-oriented planning and execution. Smooth flow of production and business operations with MOM allows production expertise and product specialist to draw their attention to consistent innovation that contributes to expand the potentials of product.

iv) Reduces Resource Wastage – Prior planning and scheduling of resource allocation and utilization with active manufacturing intelligence offered by manufacturing operations management systems strengthens the visibility on resource availability, utility and inventory. By efficient machine maintenance and automated quality check controls helps to make better product and reduce rejections up to 90%.

v) Comply with Compliances – When process execution via planning and scheduling along with business operations run on intelligence, the challenge to comply with regulations and compliances are conquered. Real-time data that is generated with manufacturing, process and business intelligence offered by manufacturing operations management system, allows administrative and technical teams to keep close watch on factory floor activities and ensure all compliances are adhered.

vi) Maximize Customer Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction is pivotal to the success and continuous progress of any business. With manufacturing operations management system overall factory operations are monitored and performance metrics is accessible at real-time, leaving no space for unnoticed customer challenge. When challenges of customers are addressed and their product / service experience is enhanced, subsequently customer satisfaction is maximized.


Top Manufacturing Operations Management System for Small and Medium Manufacturers

The market offering manufacturing operations management solutions is vast and it can be exhausting to explore and pick the most suitable one for your industry. Here’s some help. A well-researched list of the best rated manufacturing operations management systems for you!

1. Syspro

It is an evolving, industry-oriented, ERP solution. Syspro is designed to simplify complexity and create value to manufacturers and distributors. The core of Syspro is to enable digitizing of businesses, streamlining supply chain while providing greater visibility and control over industrial operations.

Syspro is featured as one that offers digitization of processes and businesses, secures transactions and operations data with security that facilitates efficient risk management and compliance functionality. Syspro is empowered with a product suit that is a unique combination of robust, scalable solutions that ensure minimal risk and high return on investment.


It is recognized as an effortless solution for production insight. Prodsmart empowers enterprises with connected manufacturing. Prodsmart solution enables industries to go paperless on shop floor by easily replicating processes on the manufacturing software.

Prodsmart offers real-time data accessibility, a real-time dashboard for connected manufacturing, effective scheduling and MRP, inventory management and workflows visualization. Prodsmart is built to facilitate easy worker scheduling, performance tracking, machine maintenance and production report generation. It is an overall effective manufacturing operation management system.


It is an AI-based IIoT software for manufacturing optimization. Plataine delivers AI-driven actionable insights for discrete manufacturing. Plataine offers an array of products; Production Optimization Suite, Material and Asset Tracker, Shelf-Life Manager, Tool Manager, Fabric Optimizer, Work-In-Process Optimizer, Production Scheduler and manufacturing Optimizer.

Plataine enables you to achieve crucial manufacturing KPIs. Plataine solutions fit businesses of all sizes empowering with a scalable and modular solution. Integration into factory floor operations and cloud-based with unlimited computing and storage. Ensures quick deployment and zero downtime whilst transformation to industry 4.0 as a green factory (environmental sustainability and responsibility).

SFactrix is the Artificial Intelligence-driven Manufacturing Operations Management System with inbuilt IoT integration. SFactrix provides all operational management capabilities to begin digital factory operations. On top of that, is available as Software Subscription with Mobility and Industrial IoT Integration. Manufacturing Production Performance and Quality Maintenance gets quicker and reliable with

SFactrix facilitates work order management that empowers manufacturers to stay informed of customer work orders and enables real-time progress in production. SFactrix empowers industry operations with job management, real-time operational visibility along with asset performance monitoring that keeps a close check on the process operations with intelligence.

Downtime notification, maintenance registry, a personalized dashboard and parts management are critical features of SFactrix that help enterprises transform traditional operations management to digital operations management of industry 4.0.

SFactrix offers a mobile app for operators and a tablet app for management on the shop floor to track all operator actions, job accomplishments and reviews to monitor operator performance.


Why SFactrix is better suitable for Small and Medium Manufacturers:

a) Cost-effective Solution – SFactrix is available as cloud-hosted manufacturing intelligence Software as a Service. SFactrix requires no upfront investment and no puts no financial burden on SMEs. With an aim to facilitate SMEs to adopt industry 4.0, operational costs of SFactrix are lower than other manufacturing operations management systems.

b) Holistic Solution – SFactrix is an ideal solution engineered to provide a holistic solution to enterprises via operational management of processes, execution and business. SFactrix offers consolidated real-time data on manufacturing process status, performance metrics, inventory, maintenance scheduling, business stability and many more. Capabilities of SFactrix empowers all strata of employees to stay informed of overall operations and induce a sense of ownership among all.

c) Industrial IoT Integration – SFactrix is not an isolated manufacturing operations management solution. It is a comprehensive solution with pre-build industrial IoT integration with the Fogwing IIoT Platform. This integration allows maximized operational visibility and leaves no room for mismanagement of shop floor and business operations.



Having analyzed both manufacturing execution system (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM), it can be concluded that MOM is far efficient and a holistic solution that connects processes and administration with intelligence. Overall business and manufacturing operations run parallel with business, process and execution intelligence.


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