More than appearances, manufacturers must speak to the positivity of a diverse workforce. Gen Zers expect it, they demand it, and will tell friends to work for companies promoting a varied workforce on both Instagram and Tiktok.

No Manufacturing Work Shortage if Manufacturers Enroll and Engage Gen Zers
No Manufacturing Work Shortage if Manufacturers Enroll and Engage Gen Zers

Article from | Rachel Snyder

One third of the manufacturing workforce will be Gen Zers before 2030. Those born between 1990 – 2010 are able to fill the millions of jobs being vacated by boomers during the rest of this decade. Manufacturers complaining of worker shortages must look at hiring policies and procedures because many fail inclusivity. More than appearances, manufacturers must speak to the positivity of a diverse workforce.  Gen Zers expect it, they demand it, and will tell friends to work for companies promoting a varied workforce on both Instagram and Tiktok.  While not a monolith, Gen Zers have been schooled in anti-bullying, tolerance, and embracing diversity.  Gen Zers expect the same baseline in the workforce.  Manufacturers must state emphatically that a diverse workforce is a successful workforce; one that will foster innovative ideas and bring forth a new perspective and fresh continuous process improvement.


Manufacturers Getting Slammed on TikTok for Lack of Diversity

Countless managers, COOs, and CEOs are getting slammed on social media for lack of workforce diversity; once untouchable and powerful people are being held accountable for actions, thanks to Generation Z. No amount of prestige or money will hold back Gen Zers from sharing strongly held beliefs that every company should stand-up for the underserved.  Zers spend 18 - 30 hours a week on average opining and sharing.  Manufacturers can ill-afford a bad reputation among Zers.


Zers:  Principles of inclusivity

The principles of inclusivity were ingrained in Zers from a very young age. As a Zer myself, I can attest to the countless assemblies about the dangers of bullying and how it must never be tolerated. No matter what, we were taught that the value of treating others with respect and acceptance is the only way to go forward in life. Most importantly, we learned to never be a bystander if someone is in trouble. This is the reason Gen Zers have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying and can have the courage to call out these big businesses and corporate leaders for lack of inclusivity. 

Essentially, Gen Zers have turned into the protectors of the disenfranchised, acting like watchdogs that keep older generations in check. Inclusivity, equality, and diversity are the three pillars that Gen Zers look for in every capacity, whether shopping, working, or even who to follow on Instagram. If companies want to attract Gen Z workers, they must put forth clear messaging about how much they value a friendly and tolerant workplace. 

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This need for equality must stem from the realization that Gen Z is more racially and ethnically diverse. All of the growth in the U.S. child population since 2000 has been among groups other than non-Hispanic whites. Children of mixed race grew at a faster rate than any other group over the past decade, from 1.9 million in 2000 to 2.8 million in 2010 (a 46% increase). The number of Hispanic children grew by 4.8 million (or 39%) during the same time frame. The number of non-Hispanic Asian and Pacific Islander children grew by nearly 800,000 (or 31%) as well.  This was at the apex of the Generation Z births.  It is little wonder that a workplace is expected to reflect the more eclectic populations.


Diversity and Inclusivity boosts Gen Zers morale and drives sales

Gen Zers are the answer to solving the industrial workforce shortage AND the customers eagerly sought by manufacturers.  Since there is much more awareness about gender fluidity, sexual orientation, and racial identity, manufacturing companies must promote safety, non-bullying, inclusivity to account for Gen Zer values. According to a Monster survey, 83% of Gen Zers said they would be more inclined to work for a company if they are advocates for diversity and inclusion in their workplace. Not only will implementations of diversity and inclusivity increase approval among the younger generations, it will also secure a more successful future for these companies.

The efforts made by manufacturing leaders cognizant of social responsibility will be rewarded by Zers online.  Gen Zers will share with friends constantly and consistently which companies are a good (and bad) place to work. 





A person with long hairDescription automatically generated with medium confidenceAbout Rachel Snyder
Rachel Snyder is currently studying Mass Communications at Boston University. As a Generation Z individual herself, Snyder has a unique understanding of the role of social media among her peers; her analysis examines how it impacts the lives, decisions, and actions of fellow Gen Z thinkers. Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are more than resources but rather the answer to reaching her generation. These insights are vital for businesses to inspire, motivate, and engage Gen Z job applicants and employees. Traditional PR, messaging, tradeshows, job boards will simply be ignored by Gen Z thinkers according to Snyder. 

Speaking in the lexicon, vernacular, and information dissemination modalities needed to reach Gen Z, Snyder recognizes how many industrial leaders and Marcom professionals simply cannot grasp how to leverage the 20 hours per week the average Gen Z youth spends on TikTok. Snyder hopes to serve as a thought-leader and liaison to bridge the future workforce as Boomers age-out in favor of her generation. Snyder in the newest and youngest member of the 8000+ member Manufacturing Media Consortium. Snyder can be reached at

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