As the workforce is vaccinated and reshoring the supply chain becomes a clarion call for industry, finding the right people with the right skills forces plant managers, operations managers, and HR managers to find new and innovative recruiting strategies.

Reaching Manufacturing Job Candidates
Reaching Manufacturing Job Candidates

Patrick O’Rahilly, CEO & Founder | FactoryFix

The pool of potential workers must be wide and deep to create the perfect fit. Accessible through an annual subscription, FactoryFix is an online platform that matches vetted manufacturing workers with companies seeking specific skill sets. This platform sets a new standard in how small to mid-sized manufacturers hire talent across the U.S. FactoryFix guarantees a total number of hires per year. 

Recently, a new service was introduced: a 3-directional chat service named TalentText. TalentText is an SMS messaging feature that connects applicants with managers via a text conversation, helping managers to engage directly, ease conversation flow, and ensure candidates actually show up to interviews. It allows a connection with candidates five times faster with straightforward, comfortable, and immediate access to messages via mobile devices.

As the manufacturing industry is poised for rapid growth over the next 24 months, hiring the best workers once again becomes the top challenge. As the workforce is vaccinated and reshoring the supply chain becomes a clarion call for industry, finding the right people with the right skills forces plant managers, operations managers, and HR managers to find new and innovative recruiting strategies. 

This is not simply a version of other online job boards or recruiting services. FactoryFix is actively growing its unique talent pool of manufacturing professionals, technicians, and experienced labor. This is accomplished by providing additional value to manufacturers beyond simply suggesting candidates. Providing a personalized career coaching experience for manufacturing personnel enhances and coordinates optimal professional development.  

The platform is quickly becoming an invaluable recruiting tool for executives within the manufacturing sector. The technological advancements accelerate speed-to-interview and hire; this translates to a lower cost per hire and access to a vast network of qualified candidates.


The post-COVID manufacturing hiring paradigm

The number one constraint in the post-COVID hiring paradigm is finding qualified workers. 

Today’s factories are operating at an average of 76% capacity utilization, linked directly to staffing issues. Job openings occur daily and without cultivating a pipeline of qualified and skilled workers lost productivity and throughput will result. Unfilled positions generate terrible OEE data as machines go idle. The U.S. factory capacity utilization rates are evidence that the traditional means of hiring for these in-demand industrial positions are not up to market requirements.


Some of the most needed industrial positions in 2021

Access to the best manufacturing candidates

In keeping with the central lean manufacturing principle of eliminating waste, few hiring solutions offer quantifiable success rates when matching top talent to positions with the appropriate skill sets. Traditional hiring solutions are highly inaccurate. Only through a robust platform that identifies the exact talent needed for every role on every plant floor in America can hiring efficiency be measured and maximized.

With nearly 200,000 manufacturing workers within the network, companies utilize an annual subscription model. Small and mid-sized manufacturers are guaranteed qualified workers for any position available, from automation engineers and CAD designers to maintenance electricians and press operators. 

About Patrick O’Rahilly
Patrick O’Rahilly is a manufacturing professional and serial entrepreneur who has extensive experience within the industrial business sector. His first company provided customized integration services of industrial robots and automation equipment.
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