India has a strong manufacturing industry and 3D printers are a part of this manufacturing landscape. In India, the market for 3D printers is at an emerging stage, offering enormous growth opportunities in the upcoming years.

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India has a strong manufacturing industry and 3D printers are a part of this manufacturing landscape. In India, the market for 3D printers is at an emerging stage, offering enormous growth opportunities in the upcoming years. Domestic production, along with the low cost of manufacturing, and the increased access across various applications is spurring the 3D printer market in India. With the low cost of production, increasing awareness, and advancements in material research, the 3D printer market is anticipated to see impressive growth in the coming years.

The 3D printer market in India is predicted to pass $79 million by 2021, with automotive applications leading the growth. Educational and medical applications are also seeing good growth. Other usages embrace arts and crafts, interior decoration, fashion accessories, footwear designs, jewelry designs, furniture, and modeling.

India mostly imports 3D printers from countries such as the U.S., China, and Germany. However, with government programs designed to improve domestic manufacturing, many local manufacturers are expected to surface in the near future.

Choosing the right type of 3D printing technology for a specific application and use is of key importance for business leaders. Eventually, the technology has to provide business value. This is where AMTech comes in. AMTech EXPO is India's largest exhibition for additive manufacturing. The show provides a concerted business networking platform for 3D printing technology, where the environment of the additive manufacturing industry in India can be examined. Amtech provides a comprehensive view of the entire value chain of the core technologies in additive manufacturing. 

The expo will be held December 11 – 12, 2019 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (BEC), Mumbai, India. This is the 5th edition of India’s largest exhibition for Additive Manufacturing (AM). It provides a networking platform for 3D printing technology by experiencing the scope of the AM industry in India.

3D printing will help India’s endeavor to position itself as a global manufacturing hub.

With its capability to drive mass personalization, 3D technology has the potential to usher in the industrial 4.0 revolution in India. The government is helping with special budgetary allocations, exploring the enormous possibilities that 3D printing technology presents.

AMTech with conferences, seminars and market intelligence provides an ideal way to exchange knowledge, understand the latest market trends, network, and exchange ideas how to make the best use of this technology in the Indian context. During the show, the Additive Manufacturing Business Forum will provide an ideal arrangement for learning from industry experts, networking and exchanging ideas to hasten the adoption of AM in India. It will provide the latest market trends, developments and present business cases in automotive engineering, tooling, aerospace, metal additive manufacturing and much more.

The Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association (SAMA) will be lending their support as an association partner for AMTech. This is a beginning taken by both the Indian 3D Printing Network (I3DPn) and SAMA to promote growth and networking between the additive manufacturing environment in China and India. This is the first I3DPn and SAMA India Forum, which will take place during the AMTech 2019 Expo.


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AMTech produced and compiled the first comprehensive India AM Report. The report includes the present situation with numbers, insights from industry experts and the future potential of AM in India. This report includes insights from 35+ experts, including machine manufacturers, research institutes, service bureaus and end users. The report has been validated through primary research, secondary research, import data, OEMs and industry experts. This report will be presented at the expo.

Some of the exhibitors are:

In Booth D1, Stratasys introduces the Digital Anatomy 3D Printer for anatomical models. Stratasys Ltd is extending its commitment to the medical industry with their new J750™ Digital Anatomy™ 3D printer. This printer is designed to duplicate the feel, responsiveness, and biomechanics of human anatomy in medical models.  Their system increases surgical preparation and training while facilitating new medical devices to market faster.

Fabheads (Booth C13) specializes in composite part manufacturing. Fabheads employs much of their resources on developing better, more reliable, automated fabrication technologies for the composites sector. It has become the first company in Asia with in-house developed fiber 3D printing capabilities.

VERDER SCIENTIFIC (Booth C3) sets the standard in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-tech laboratory and analysis equipment. The products of the Verder Scientific manufacturing companies are used around the world in hardness testing, materialography, heat treatment, elemental analysis, milling & sieving, and particle analysis.

3 Digi Prints (Booth B3) is a leading supplier and service provider of professional printers, 3D scanners, 3D printer materials, 3D printer installation service, and 3D printer maintenance service. They offer all types of 3D printing materials from thermoplastics to castable resins.

SLM Solutions Group AG (Booth B1) is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. They have been represented in India since 2017 with a subsidiary based in Bangalore. SLM Solutions has already cultivated close relationships with leading institutes and companies from various sectors in India. SLM is a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology. SLM Solutions focuses on the development, assembly and sale of machines and integrated systems in the field of selective laser melting.

Novabeans (Booth A3) provides the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing solutions including 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D printing pens, 3D printing materials, 3D printing training workshops, 3D printing school kits, 3d printing professional support, made to order 3D design, 3D printing consultancy and services in India. Its powerful digital thread empowers professionals, students, and individuals everywhere to bring their ideas to life in material choices including plastics, metals, resin, silicon, ceramics and edibles, while empowering customers to imagine, design and make their future.

Renishaw (Booth A4) is a global, high precision metrology and healthcare technology group. They design, develop and deliver solutions and systems that provide unparalleled precision, control and reliability. They are a world leader in the field of additive manufacturing, where they design and produce industrial machines which print parts from metal powder. From transport to agriculture, electronics to healthcare, their breakthrough technology transforms product performance.

Shree Rapid Technologies (Booth A2) is an Indian company, focused mainly on rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing systems. They also bring the most important technical knowhow about these technologies, their applications and customized solutions for every application.

India is not up to world standards right now; but, as more innovation materializes and cost efficiency improves, India should catch up very fast. AMTech is the place to learn the potential of India 3D manufacturing.


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