With the market’s focus on connected machines, data mining, and Industry 4.0 technologies manufacturers need a system that connects all aspects. We will be providing demos of our advanced CAD/CAM, MES, ERP, Quoting, and Advanced Analytics platforms. Visit us at Booth #A3521.

FABTECH Expo Q&A with Lantek

FABTECH Q&A with | Lantek

Tell us about your company.

Over 30 years ago Lantek set out to make programming sheet metal cutting, punching, and shearing machines easier. Today, we provide advanced manufacturing systems to automate, manage, and streamline sheet metal, tube, pipe, and structural steel manufacturing. 

Lantek has 20 offices for localized support to over 96,000 users worldwide. We program over 1,200 metal cutting and punching machine models through our extensive OEM/MTB partnership network. 

Lantek has been leaders in the digital transformation of manufacturing since before “digital transformation” was a term.


Your company will be exhibiting at FABTECH Expo, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

This is the leading event in North America for manufacturing professionals to see and hear about the latest advancements under one roof. While we will be exhibiting our industry leading manufacturing solutions at FABTECH, we also have three industry experts presenting six speaking engagements and participating in two panel discussions this year. This event allows Lantek to exert our expertise as industry leaders in the manufacturing technology sector, with many groundbreaking innovations on the horizon. 


What makes your booth a must visit for FABTECH Expo Attendees?

With the market’s focus on connected machines, data mining, and Industry 4.0 technologies manufacturers need a system that connects all aspects. We will be providing demos of our advanced CAD/CAM, MES, ERP, Quoting, and Advanced Analytics platforms. 

CAD/CAM – Lantek Expert and Flex3d offer the most advanced nesting algorithms and post-processors for over 1,200 cutting, punching, shearing, and 5-axis machines. Easily program your machines for sheet metal, tube, pipe, and structural steel manufacturing. 

(Lantek Expert – sheet metal nesting)

(Lantek Flex3d – tube, pipe, & structural nesting) 


MES – Lantek Manager is a robust, highly integrated Manufacturing Execution System. With a direct connection to your CAD/CAM system data and the ability to track operations using various methods, you have a better understanding of necessary data for nimble scheduling and decision making.

(Lantek Manager – Manufacturing Execution System)


ERP – Lantek Integra is an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning system that links directly to Lantek MES and CAD/CAM systems. This allows for transparency across your business – from the shop floor to the back office. Cut down on your weekly meetings and begin automating administrative tasks while freeing up time to build new revenue streams. 

(Lantek Integra – Enterprise Resource Planning)


Quoting – Lantek iQuoting is a web-based platform that allows non-technical sales staff to quote customer jobs quickly and accurately. With a connection to your facilities machine data, pricing, and costs the salesperson can simply upload a .DXF file, select material, input quantity, choose delivery requirements, and receive a quote almost instantly. Furthermore, Lantek MetalShop can connect to your website to create an easy to use eCommerce experience for your customer’s to upload their .DXF files and receive and accept quotes themselves. 

Analytics – Lantek offers advanced Manufacturing and Customer Analytics that can be accessed from any connected device. When you first log in you can customize your home screen to display the most important information for your role in the company. Work with Lantek to dial in the best KPIs for your company and have a 10,000-yard view of your entire business. Our visual display of data allows you to quickly pinpoint inefficiencies or cost centers and act quickly to improve on them. 

(Lantek Analytics – Manufacturing & Customer Analytics)


FABTECH Expo has many educational sessions, forums & Demo’s, is your company involved in any of them this year?

Lantek is excited to have been selected to deliver their industry expertise in six speaking engagements and two panels discussions this year. Our expert presenters include Adria Haines (Director, USA), David Iyoha (Manufacturing Software Consultant), and Kevin Must (Marketing Manager - USA). Here is a list of topics to be presented:

Smart Factory 101 happens Monday, November 11, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in room S402B. Attendees will learn the milestones needed to make their company digital by evaluating progress in the digital transformation process. This includes taking inventory of software, identifying what can integrate, and mapping the critical next steps for their digital future. (Adria Haines)

Smart Manufacturing Meets Workforce Development will be held Monday, November 11, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. in room S402B. This presentation will address the top five ways that Smart Manufacturing can help with workforce development challenges: increasing job attractiveness, capturing tribal and skill knowledge, collaborative robot integration, training and assessments, and real-time job aids. Attendees will learn the most effective approaches to leverage software and technology in workforce development. (David Iyoha) 

Millennials in Manufacturing will be held Tuesday, November 12, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. in room S401BC. This session will discuss what it takes to attract, manage, and keep Millennial talent in today’s quickly changing technological landscape. Haines will use real life experience from managing Millennials in manufacturing technology for the past decade. (Adria Haines)

Quit Making Excuses. Now Is the Time to Digitize occurs Tuesday, November 12, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in room S402B. This session will focus on dispelling the common excuses used in today’s manufacturing facilities for not digitizing. We will also cover how manufacturers can map their digital transformation and plan for future success without sacrificing their current production schedules. (Kevin Must)

Streamlining Your Quoting Process with Artificial Intelligence happens Tuesday, November 12, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. in room S402B. Attendees will learn about the latest techniques to streamline quoting for manufacturing, including the use of artificial intelligence. This session will also discuss the improvements that artificial intelligence will bring to every-day operations in manufacturing while creating further opportunities to grow in the industry. (Kevin Must)


Smart Manufacturing Feasibility Case Study occurs Wednesday, November 13, 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. in room S402B. This presentation will present a study initiated by an IT operation leader at a manufacturing facility to investigate options for taking their digital transformation to the next level. We will cover how to analyze your current IT infrastructure capabilities, employee buy-in, process improvement scenarios, and more. (David Iyoha)

Adria Haines will also be participating in the SME Knowledge Bar at Booth D46713 on Wednesday, November 12th at 3:00PM and on the FMA Software Council’s “Ask the Experts” Panel at Booth D46708 on Wednesday, November 12th at 3:30PM.


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When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?  Any educational sessions, pavilions etc. you plan on attending? 

It is always fascinating to see the latest advancements in machine automation and technology. I plan to visit many of the cutting/punching machine tool builder booths to see what is new in terms of machine technology. I am also interested in seeing how companies are implementing artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, and virtual reality in the shop and what kind of efficiency gains they have witnessed by such implementations. 


The Advanced Manufacturing is undertaking rapid advancements, be it 3D Printing and the materials used in automation and robotics.  Automation Technology is a huge part for many manufacturers, give us an idea on how your company and product is being utilized now in the smart factory.

Most of the time, when we think about automation in manufacturing, we think about automated processes such as robotic welding, palletization, loading/unloading of machines, etc. While Lantek can help to automate these processes and streamline your operations, we also help to automate business tasks. Lantek knew over 30 years ago that computers and technology would be essential in manufacturing. Since our roots are in software, more specifically manufacturing software, we understand the daily pain points of manufacturers. Our systems allow for greater transparency across business units while automating administrative tasks so decision makers can make data-driven decisions and sales staff can focus on growing their funnel.


Give us your thoughts on what the future holds for manufacturers and automation technology.

With the rise of online purchasing habits, we are seeing the market shift toward the need for more custom products. For manufacturers to be able to produce custom products quickly and at a reasonable price automation will be instrumental on the machines, but also within the business office. Big data and artificial intelligence will help manufacturers quote almost instantaneously, allow for quotes to be accepted by customers, and even begin scheduling the production for the order according to requirements, capacity, and other variables – all in a matter of seconds. Without these systems, manufacturers risk falling behind to competitors that have automated.

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