Booth #603 - This year we will be showcasing Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) copper parts, high requirement/production DMLS parts, and a new color for SLA parts.

Talking RAPID + TCT with Protolabs

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Tell us about your company.

Protolabs is the world's fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototyping and on-demand production. The technology-enabled company produces custom parts and assemblies in as fast as 1 day with automated 3D printing, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding processes. Its digital approach to manufacturing enables accelerated time to market, reduces development and production costs, and minimizes risk throughout the product life cycle. Visit for more information.


Your company will be exhibiting at RAPID + TCT, what is it that makes this an important event for your company?

Rapid + TCT is the biggest 3D printing show we do all year so it is always exciting to be a part of that. As an industry leader in 3D printing it is important for us to be able to show off our capabilities and highlight the new items we are showcasing since the year prior.


What makes your booth a must visit for RAPID + TCT Attendees?

Our booth is a must visit because we show hundreds of parts that we make for all industries in a variety of technologies. This year we will be showcasing Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS) copper parts, high requirement/production DMLS parts, and a new color for SLA parts.


RAPID + TCT has many educational sessions, forums & Demo’s, is your company involved in any of them this year?

Protolabs will be presenting three times in the Smart Manufacturing Hub (dates and times listed below). We are also a part of the Final Part Production track where we will be highlighting how to use metal 3D printing for production-level parts (info below).

Smart Manufacturing Hub

Tuesday, May 21 2:20 – 4 pm

Title: Metal Additive Manufacturing: The Path to Production Parts

Presenters: Brandon Marcus, Global Segment Manager, Aerospace & Defense, Protolabs

GE Presenter


Wednesday, May 22 from 11:20 am – 12 pm

Title: Protolabs and GE Additive – Boldly Going Where 3D Printing Hasn’t Gone Before

Presenters: Eric Utley, Applications Engineer, Protolabs

Sarah Watson, Design Engineer, GE AddWorks


Thursday, May 23 from 10:20 – 11 am

Title: Metal 3D Printing: Process Validation for High-Requirement Applications

Presenter: Josh Parker, DMLS Project Leader, Protolabs


Final Part Production Track

Title: Metal 3D Printing: Process Validation for High-Requirement Applications

When: Tues., May 21 from 2:45 – 3:10 pm


Track: Final Part Production

Presenter: Josh Parker, DMLS Project Leader, Protolabs


When you get a chance to walk the exhibit hall floor yourself, what is it you will be most interested to see?  Any educational sessions, pavilions etc. you plan on attending? 

Rapid + TCT is known as the event for companies to debut new technologies and processes so I am most interested in checking out what everyone is showcasing this year. I plan to check out presentations in the Smart Manufacturing Hub as well.

Manufacturing is undertaking rapid advancements, be it automation, 3D Technology, machine vision or data.  Give us an idea on how your company and product is being utilized now in advanced manufacturing.

Our company has been leading the way for digital manufacturing for the last 20 years. Protolabs helps companies accelerate product development and get their products to market much faster. We are able to do this because of our homegrown, proprietary software that enables a technological approach to manufacturing, and we have more than 100 3D printers that allow us to make parts quickly.  


Give us your thoughts on what the future holds for manufacturers and there use of 3D technology.

The future of manufacturing is so bright, especially for 3D printing. Each year there are huge strides of improvement for the technology that it is no longer just for prototyping. This is going to be a technology that every single engineer will need to learn and continue to keep up with in order to produce the products asked of them.


If you would like please provide contact information for a reader to setup a booth demo.

To setup an appointment for a booth demo please visit us at our booth. We have a whole team that will be ready to show you all of the different service offerings we have to help benefit your product development team.  


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