Startup will use investment funds to develop its augmented worker solution, expand the team, getting ready for growth stage.

UltraFlex performing efficient induction annealing for steel and nickel parts

The efficient induction annealing for steel and nickel parts has recently been demonstrated by UltraFlex Power Technologies. The demo had been set up by UltraFlex per request of a customer from the manufacturing industry looking to evaluate the usage of both induction preheating and induction annealing in his manufacturing processes.

Guidance Automation's Annual Automation Report Reveals Industry Believes Intralogistics Automation is 'Critical' For Success and Growth

2022 findings reveal that nearly two thirds of businesses will be fully automated by 2025

GreyOrange Featured Again as Leading Smart Robot Vendor in Gartner® Market Guide

GreyOrange is recognized as the only vendor that provides autonomous mobile robotics, collaborative goods to person and warehouse picking technology

New AWS Online Lean Management Course Gives Practical Process Improvement Tools

The American Welding Society announced today the release of Lean Management for Welding Productivity, a new online course aiming to identify and mitigate waste appropriately to help businesses reevaluate their approach to production to suit demand.

Allied Electronics & Automation Offers More Than 2,100 Ready-to-Ship Industrial Networking Solutions

Allied's range of industrial networking solutions includes IT and OT engineered to expand connectivity, improve data collection and transfer, enhance analysis and control capabilities, minimize equipment downtime and capitalize on the numerous advantages of Industry 4.0.

Razorleaf Partners with iBASEt to Drive Manufacturing Transformation

Collaboration expands product and service portfolio for both organizations to support Industry 4.0 initiatives

"IME South" Event Launch Draws Attendees from 3M, Amazon, DuPont, Johnson & Johnson, Space X, Stryker, Toyota, Among Others

Nearly 2,300 advanced manufacturing and engineering professionals convened at IME South's debut in Charlotte, NC, representing a wide cross-selection of verticals from medtech and robotics, plastics and packaging, to processing and automation.

Datanomix Announces Automated Downtime Insights

New capability delivers even deeper productivity insights to help manufacturers as labor challenges mandate further innovation

New Machine Learning Tool for Predictive Maintenance

FANUC's AI Servo Monitor provides machine health data and analysis to maximize uptime.

JPB Système Appoints Gregory Chauvet as General Manager

JPB Système, the leading manufacturer of efficiency-enhancing technology solutions for aerospace, aeronautic and other industries, has announced the appointment of Gregory Chauvet as General Manager. Chauvet brings with him over 20 years of experience, having held senior commercial and management positions in a number of prominent and market leading businesses.

Selection Of Milling Methods

The surface of milling parts is no more than plane, plane contour, curved surface, hole and thread, etc. The selected machining method should be compatible with the surface characteristics of the parts, the required accuracy and surface roughness.

Bally Ribbon Mills Offers Industrial Fabrics Ideal for Polymer Manufacturing and Rolled Raw Material Processing

Specialty fibers withstands wear surface abrasion caused during manufacturing processes

KROHNE Announces OPTIBAR PSM 1010 and OPTIBAR PSM 2010 ultra-compact pressure switches

New ultra-compact pressure switches with IO-Link ideal for basic automation in food and beverage, water and wastewater, environmental and OEM equipment applications

Phoenix Contact joins CESMII

Membership in The Smart Manufacturing Institute will accelerate digitalization

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Automation & Networking - Featured Product

Pleora Technologies – Simplified AI for Visual Inspection of Electronics

Pleora Technologies - Simplified AI for Visual Inspection of Electronics

Pleora's Visual Inspection System helps operators detect errors and defects for unique component types, assembly steps, and custom low-run products where automated optical inspection (AOI) is too complex and expensive. The system helps DICA Electronics: Avoid costly, errors as a result of detecting errors at different phases in production, Speed time in detecting the root cause of the in-field errors with Tracking & Reporting apps for traceability, Maintain consistency in training new employees on requirements or with staff any time a new product is added, Easily train the system using 'good product' images for multiple product lines with no programming skills required, Reduce subjective decision-making, especially over a long shift, reducing error-escapes.