ADLINK’s AI Edge Server Successfully Deployed in Smart Manufacturing, Driving AI Innovation and Digital Transformation

ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, announces the launch of the new AI Edge Server MEC-AI7400 series to advance smart manufacturing and drive AI innovation for digital transformation. By realizing the power of generative AI and digital twin, ADLINK can seamlessly bridge physical and virtual worlds to pave the way for future innovations. Through real-time data analysis and intelligent decision-making, enterprises can simulate and predict production processes in a virtual environment, identify and solve potential problems in advance, reduce costs, improve product quality, enhance production line flexibility and responsiveness, and accelerate the pace of digital transformation.

More and more AI applications are occurring at the edge. Enterprises need hardware suitable for edge environments to meet real-time data processing and analysis needs. They require confidential information processing within the plant to prevent data breaches . These devices must be able to handle challenges that differ from those encountered in data centers. ADLINK's latest AI Edge Server MEC-AI7400 series can be equipped with various acceleration cards tailored to application needs. The flexible and diverse configuration, incorporating GPU cards, motion control cards, I/O cards, and image capture cards, is fitted within a dustproof and compact chassis. This design makes it ideal for adapting to the various demands of smart manufacturing applications and durable in stringent factories and automation environments.

ADLINK’s AI Edge Server MEC-AI7400 series offers several advantages in smart manufacturing applications. Firstly, it enables fast delivery to ensure reliable supply and high-quality products, helping projects proceed on schedule and driving business development. Secondly, it provides a diverse and flexible product portfolio. These diversified products can meet various customer needs and adapt to the changing requirements of smart manufacturing. Thirdly, by integrating ADLINK's frame grabber cards, vision/motion cards, GPU cards, and servers into a complete system, customers can choose the most suitable solutions to fit their needs.

Semiconductor AOI and digital transformation applications require rapid processing of large amounts of data and images to ensure high operational efficiency and precise analysis. Supporting real-time decision-making and process optimization requires exceptionally high standards of data processing speed, reliability, and accuracy. Such applications include AOI, data-driven decision-making, AI and machine learning, digital twin, and enterprise ChatGPT platforms that combine generative and predictive AI. ADLINK has successfully integrated its AI-enabled industrial automation solutions onto production lines at its headquarters which significantly improved productivity, overall equipment efficiency (OEE), first-pass yield (FPY), and reduced AOI overkill. This allowed them to achieve total digital transformation, enhance overall competitiveness, and improve market responsiveness.

The widespread adoption of these applications will drive the continuous growth of market demand. With its deep cultivation in the field of production automation, ADLINK continues to develop and deliver optimal solutions for enterprise digital transformation and automation enhancements, helping businesses stand out in fierce market competition. ADLINK is committed to advancing the development of smart manufacturing, including the application of generative AI and digital twin technology. By achieving seamless integration of physical and virtual worlds, ADLINK welcomes a new era of technological innovation. 

For more detailed information on ADLINK's industrial automation solutions, follow these links here at Industrial Automation.


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