LTG Lofts to go Makes 3D Printed Communities a Reality in Partnership with Black Buffalo 3D

LTG Lofts to go, and Black Buffalo 3D Corporation, A Big Sun Holdings Group company and member of Hyundai BS&C family of companies today announced a strategic partnership to advance production, distribution and availability of 3D printed mobile housing and commercial spaces across the globe.


Patented coodo modular living space designed by LTG Lofts to go.

Patented coodo modular living space designed by LTG Lofts to go.


Newly introduced patented tredee 3D printed home.

Newly introduced patented tredee 3D printed home.


LTG's flagship offering, coodo, is a functional, flexible and mobile modular structure used for holiday, living or working. It sets itself apart from traditional pre-fabricated buildings with its contemporary and breathtakingly beautiful patented design. Since 2012, LTG production partners have created white (aluminum/steel) and grey (wood) coodos serving as sustainable resorts and residences, working spaces and stunning booths for events. This partnership increases the availability of coodos and will help bring a new offering— tredee inspired by 3D print innovation—to market.


Black Buffalo will supply 3D construction printers—invented by Mr. Dong-won Shin, CEO of HISYS, a subsidiary of Hyundai BS&C- along with cement "ink" to LTG developers. These construction printers will enable 3D printing- yes, printing- of entire communities, facilities and offices onsite in a matter of days. This innovative approach minimizes freight costs, improves sustainability and eliminates logistical challenges associated with traditional construction and precast buildings or production. This is only the beginning of the 3D construction print revolution.


"The goals of LTG Lofts to go and Black Buffalo 3D align perfectly," says Michael Woods, CEO & COO of Black Buffalo 3D Corporation. "Our 3D printers will bring LTG offerings wherever they are needed."


Worldwide interest in obtaining coodos continues to grow and this partnership will help increase supply to meet demand while introducing new designs and finishes to appeal to a wide audience.  


"In addition to creating beautiful living and working spaces, Lofts to go introduced coodo to maximize usability of remote destinations and available open spaces in residential areas, cities and even rooftops," expressed Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO and Founder of LTG. "3D printers will allow us more opportunities to create holiday resorts, housing communities and modular commercial parks without the challenges of navigating offshore production and international business hurdles. We are eager to bring better living to people regardless of economic status, location or level of luxury."


Follow each company on social media for interactive walkthroughs, live demonstrations and details on global availability.


About coodo/LTG Lofts to go
LTG Lofts to go ( is a PropTech company from Germany that specializes in the development of minimalistic, beautiful and highly functional mobile modules with a patented design that caters to living, lodging, working or play. LTG offers innovative residential, business and event solutions focused on sustainability, flexibility, design and integration of the latest technology.


About Black Buffalo 3D Corporation
Black Buffalo 3D Corporation ( is the NY based, US for Hyundai BS&C (, and subsidiary of Big Sun Holdings Group, Inc.  Black Buffalo 3D is poised to revolutionize construction and become the leading global provider of smart 3D construction printers, proprietary construction "ink" and 3D print construction consulting services.


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