Atlantic Design & Manufacturing to Showcase the Latest Advancements in 3D Printing and Smart Manufacturing

Atlantic Design & Manufacturing, part of the largest advanced design and manufacturing industry event on the East Coast, today announced its newest programming focus for 2018, which champions innovative technologies within 3D printing and smart manufacturing. The brightest minds in the industry will discuss how these groundbreaking technologies are changing manufacturing in the event’s brand-new Smart Manufacturing Education Hub. This event provides one central location for the world's cutting-edge suppliers to connect with more than 8,000 design and manufacturing professionals in attendance.

Taking place June 12-14, 2018 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, the event is comprised of six co-located shows including  Atlantic Design & ManufacturingAutomation Technology Expo (ATX) EastEastPackMedical Design and Manufacturing EastPLASTEC East, and Quality Expo. To apply for a media pass, please visit:

“The advancement of 3D printing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and other technologies has had an immense impact on the manufacturing industry. These technologies are affecting how businesses operate, and actively evolving the entire landscape of the industry,” said Nina Brown, vice president of events, UBM. “To meet the ever-changing needs of the industry we have curated a premier lineup of presentations to be featured at our brand-new Smart Manufacturing Education Hub at Atlantic Design & Manufacturing. We want to provide our attendees with tools to thrive and succeed in the current market, while having the ability to adapt to rapidly changing ideas and technologies.”

3D printing has made a major impact on the daily operations of many industries including manufacturing, medical technology, packaging, plastics, and more. 3D printing programming attendees will learn the process and difficulty of 3D printing using a variety of materials such as metal, how to effectively utilize the technology, and predictions on its evolution. Other highlights include:

  • Metal 3D Printing: Trends & Emerging Tech - Matt Sand, President of 3DEO, will speak on the introduction of metal 3D printing production, as well as its current established metal 3D printing processes, strengths, and drawbacks. Sand will also discuss how metal 3D printing can be applied to legacy and emerging technologies. 
  • Business Implications & Strategies of 3D Printing - Jack Heslin, President, 3DTechTalks/VP Business Development, Lazarus3D, will discuss the future implications of utilizing 3D printing including how it can impact business efficiency, the labor force, and what to expect as this booming technology continues to grow.

Also featured at the Smart Manufacturing Education Hub are presentations focused on the ever-evolving manufacturing industry that is now being introduced to new technologies, such as collaborative robots, artificial intelligence (AI), machine control, and big data. The presentations will provide deep dives into new innovations and solutions that are transforming the industry, increasing business opportunity, and improving return on investment. Notable presentations taking place include:

  • How Will AI Change Manufacturing Over the Next 5 Years? - The landscape of the industrial world has changed significantly over the past few years thanks to advancements in AI, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The technology is being used to reduce labor costs, shorten unexpected downtime, and increase production. This session will look to the future to predict how AI will impact manufacturing over the next five years. 
  • Leveraging Virtual Reality for Industrial Training - Virtual reality (VR) has proven to have a multi-prong application, including being utilized for training purposes. The immersive environment that VR provides has been found to deliver more effective and memorable learning experiences. In this session, you will discover how companies are currently creating solutions to leverage VR for training and other initiatives. 
  • Workforce Integration in the New Age of Smart Manufacturing - New advancements in robotics have had a significant impact on the common factory. In this panel discussion, which will end with a Q&A and networking opportunity, industry experts will discuss whether robots in this digital revolution are viable to smart manufacturing now and in the near future.

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