Replique's Spin-Out from BASF and a New Era for Growth and Innovation

With the company having recently spun out from BASF, Replique's CEO and Co-founder, Max Siebert, explains why that step was taken and what the next chapter looks like for the company.

While BASF is actively involved in the 3D printing market, focusing on materials and applications, the focus of Replique lies in the digital side, specifically the on-demand part segment. To navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and provide our customers with the best solutions, we recognized the significance of spinning out from BASF and establishing ourselves as an independent platform. Being independent allows us to collaborate with a broader network of solution providers in the 3D printing world and offer end-to-end solutions for our customers. Moreover, being backed by BASF, we understand the importance of industrial processes and qualification. This knowledge positions us to deliver exactly what our customers need to thrive in the AM landscape: An independent partner that enables them to access the full 3D printing ecosystem.

Looking ahead, our main focus is growth. We're helping customers move from test phases to full-scale production as registered suppliers. We've already succeeded in becoming audited global suppliers for 3D printed parts of multiple international corporates. Plus, we're expanding our supplier and partner network to offer a wide range of services around decentralized production. In the long run, we want to reach even more manufacturers worldwide and become the leading platform for on-demand parts. We're excited about this journey and working closely with our customers and partners to make it happen!
Replique's Journey So Far: Digital 3D Printing Platform
Since our beginnings in 2020, we've come a long way and achieved significant milestones. We have developed a 3D printing platform that allows our customers to store parts digitally and produce them on-demand worldwide and in industrial quality. We have integrated the possibility to connect external ordering channels such as webshops or even own ERP systems. And to ensure the highest reliability, we've implemented encryption to be able to stipulate the requested amount and print parameters for the production at our 3D printing service partner.
One of our most exciting developments on the platform was the recent addition of RSure. This tool simplifies and enhances quality assurance for our service partners and, more importantly, our customers. With RSure, they can now set quality tests and trace each part throughout its lifetime, ensuring the highest confidence in the end product.
On the "physical" side, we now have a network of over 85 3D printing service bureaus worldwide. This allows us to answer our customers' needs more efficiently and effectively, regardless of their location, material and technology needed.
Additionally, we have established a number of other partnerships, including those with our valued material partners, to offer customers the best and most innovative material solutions. While access to service bureaus is common on every platform, what really makes us stand out is our in-depth expertise in materials - something that is vital to our customers. We're proud to be able to fill that gap.
We recently launched a comprehensive and open material database for 3D printing at the Formnext tradeshow in Frankfurt.In doing so, we are making our collective material knowledge (with support from our trusted material partners) accessible to the3D printing community, ultimately streamlining the use of additive manufacturing for businesses. Our material database provides users with an intuitive platform that enables them to select the appropriate materials for their specific applications, saving time and costs, while also guaranteeing the quality of 3D printed parts. The database features various filtering options, including technical specifications, industry standards, and application fields. In due course, it offer quick access to reference cases and certificates.
All these accomplishments have provided us with valuable insights and expertise, setting a strong foundation for our future endeavours.We're incredibly excited about the future of additive manufacturing and the ongoing change in the manufacturing industry. And we are proud to be part of the movement supporting our customers' journey in every step, from qualification to digital storage, on-demand production and quality management. Sure, it may seem like small steps sometimes, but when you zoom out and see the big picture, it's clear that we're on the right way towards a greener, more efficient, and agile supply chain. Exciting times await!

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