Cooper Farms Donates Over $1 Million To Area Communities

Cooper Farms, a meat and egg company based in Oakwood, Ohio, recently announced that it has donated over $1 million in monetary and product donations to their local communities in the past year. This includes 207,000 pounds of product and $554,913 in funding from the Cooper Family Foundation to support local initiatives such as college scholarships, fire department vehicles and equipment, school programs, county fairgrounds and more.

Cooper Farms, a meat and egg company based in Oakwood Ohio, has just made a tremendous contribution to their local communities, donating more than $1 million worth of monetary and product donations over the past year. In total, 207,000 pounds of Cooper Farm products were donated with a value of $748,000 while an additional amount was provided in funding by the Cooper Family Foundation - amounting to $554,913 for area organizations as well as students! It's admirable that such generosity is being shown amidst these trying times.

As Cooper Farms COO Gary Cooper proudly states, "Since our very beginning, my parents instilled in us the importance of giving back to our community. We are humbled by this opportunity to make a positive impact on all the places where we operate and live with our teams." The company shows its commitment through donations of products and services as well as financial support.

Established in 2002, the Cooper Family Foundation has contributed more than $7 million to help local communities. Under the management of family stockholders, decisions are made by a qualified committee who aim to guarantee their contributions will have an impactful outcome. This year, the community's generous donations have enabled them to award over $16,700 in college scholarships as well as purchase fire department vehicles and equipment. Additionally, these funds have been allocated to fund school programs and field trips, maintain the county fairgrounds and much more!

Cooper Farms, a leader in the meat and egg industry, has long embraced the importance of protein in an American diet. Unfortunately for food banks that are often strapped for resources to serve their communities, providing enough nutrition-packed proteins can be a daunting task - until now! With over 400,000 meals donated through Cooper's generous donation this past year alone it is clear that these organizations have not been forgotten; "It means so much," said Cooper.

As Thanksgiving approaches, the Cooper family is especially grateful for their community and team members who have been part of their success. "We are so thankful this holiday season to all those people who have enabled us to reach our goals," said Mr.Cooper, "and we're pleased to give back in appreciation."

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