NETZSCH Introduces NOTOS ® 2NSH Sanitary Twin Screw Pump

Offering smooth pumping, low pulsation, easy maintenance, and ease of use

NETZSCH Pumps North America, LLC, announces the introduction of the NOTOS ® Sanitary 2NSH Twin Screw Pump, ideal for meeting the requirements of food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Working at both low and high working pressures, the NOTOS Sanitary 2NSH Twin Screw Pump maintains product integrity and natural properties, without any quality loss. The FDA-compliant pump meets 3-A Sanitary Standards and can be disassembled quickly for easy maintenance.

The NOTOS 2NSH Twin Screw Pump features a pump housing with a unique full service-in-place (FSIP ® ) design, enabling easy and quick pump disassembly, without having to disconnect it from the piping. Made of AISI 316L stainless steel and polished according to international standards, the pump is easy to clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP). There is no contact between the rotating parts, so pump speed can be increased and cleaning fluid can be carried out without the need for an auxiliary system or a separate CIP pump.

The flexible NOTOS pump covers a wide capacity and pressure range, with flow rates up to 880 gallons per minute and pressures up to 230 pounds per square inch. The design of this positive displacement pump means it can convey media ranging from low to high viscosity, with or without solids, as well as shear sensitive and shear stable product. The new NOTOS pump is an especially good choice for transferring products like chocolate, fruit, yogurt, and juices.

With its compact design, the NOTOS 2NSH Twin Screw Pump can fit in small spaces, in horizontal or vertical positions and is offered with both foot and flange mounting options. It is available in 20 different size and screw geometry combinations, covering a wide range of flowrates to meet the needs of many industry segments.

About NETZSCH Pumps & Systems

NETZSCH Pumps & Systems has served markets worldwide for more than 60 years, providing customized, sophisticated solutions for applications in every industry type. Experts in solutions designed specifically for difficult pumping applications, NETZSCH supplies NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, and NOTOS® multi screw pumps, new PERIPRO™ peristaltic pumps as well as N.Mac® twin shaft grinders, macerators, barrel emptying units, metering technology and accessories. With a workforce of more than 2,200, NETZSCH Pumps & Systems is the largest business unit in the NETZSCH Group, with annual sales of more than 300 million Euros.

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