Realtime Robotics Executives to Share Insights on Improving Automation and Limiting Downtime at Automate 2022

Company's Innovative Motion Planning Software on Display in Demo Cells Highlighting Its Ability to Revolutionize Automotive Manufacturing

Realtime Robotics, the leader in autonomous motion planning for industrial robots, today detailed its presence at the upcoming Automate 2022 event, taking place at the Huntington Place Convention Center in Detroit, MI, from June 6-9, 2022.

Realtime Robotics' innovative motion planning and collision avoidance software, RapidPlan, will be on display in demo cells located at Kawasaki Robotics Inc. booth #2332 and Mitsubishi Electric Automation booth #1023. Show attendees are encouraged to stop by and take part in a real-time display of the future of factory robotics automation.

In addition, company executives will be sharing their industry insights on several topics of importance to the robotic industry in a trio of speaking presentations at this year's event. Attendees can look to connect with Realtime Robotics speakers at the following presentations:

Fireside Chat with Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Speakers: Patrick Varley, the Product Marketing Manager for Mechatronics at Mitsubishi Electric Automation will be having a one-on-one discussion with Tom Munger, Director of North American Sales at Realtime Robotics.
Topic: The two will discuss how multi-robot work cells can operate safely at a productive pace in unstructured and dynamic environments.
When: Monday, June 6, 2022 from 10:30 - 10:45 am EDT
Where: Mitsubishi Electric Automation booth #1023
Startups Simplifying Automation Panel Discussion

Speakers: Tom Munger, Director of Sales, North America, Realtime Robotics; David Dechow, Vice President of Outreach and Vision Technology, Landing AI; and Juan Aparicio, VP Product, Ready Robotics
Topic: This panel discussion will focus on what the future of workplace automation is and how innovative technologies will help companies improve the efficiency and effectiveness of said automation.
When: Monday, June 6, 2022 from 3:30 - 4:15 pm EDT
Where: How To Automate track, 300 Level - Huntington Place
Using Predictive Technologies in Your Operations

Speakers: Zach Gomez, Senior Director, Global Logistics Business, Realtime Robotics and Tom Knauer, Global Industry Manager - Factory Automation, Balluff
Topic: This discussion will focus on utilizing predictive technologies to improve maintenance procedures and to proactively limit unplanned downtime.
When: Tuesday, June 7, 2022 from 2:30 - 3:15 pm EDT
Where: AI & Smart Automation track, 300 Level - Huntington Place
For more information on Realtime Robotics and how its innovative software can help your organization optimize its robot programming and deployment, improving efficiency and effectiveness, click here.

About Realtime Robotics

Realtime Robotics technology generates collision-free motion plans in milliseconds for industrial robots and autonomous vehicles. Its solution empowers robots to function together in unstructured and collaborative workspaces, as well as to react to dynamic obstacles the instant changes are perceived. Its solutions expand the potential of automation. Learn more about Realtime Robotics here, watch our technology in action here and connect on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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