NORD’s Redesigned 100 Frame Asynchronous Motors Usher in a New Era of Modern Engineering and Improved Performance

NORD’s new 3 HP and 4 HP motors are service friendly, have an optimized design that is ready to meet the worldwide demand for energy efficient drives.

NORD's newly redesigned 100 frame motors are the first step in updating their asynchronous motor portfolio with an optimized electrical, mechanical, and visual design. The new 3 HP and 4 HP premium efficient motors offer a simplified assembly including the elimination of a copper rotor as the motors produce the same energy efficiency without it. This change results in reduced costs and sell price to the consumer. Not changing in the design are the outer dimensions and the mounting options available - direct mount, NEMA, and IEC, making the new motors drop-in compatible for existing systems. While the new motors will be the preferred offering beginning Q1 2022, legacy versions are not being immediately discontinued and will still be available for a period.

The exterior of the motor has new curved cooling fins that have been adapted in depth and shape. These fins curve around the terminal box and the motor to enhance airflow and optimize cooling. Sharp edges and corners have been removed from the terminal box to smooth the design and provide easier maintenance. The need for NPT adapters has been eliminated as there are now directly integrated imperial and metric conduit connections for ease of use and reduction of parts. Additionally, curved feet on the new design give the motor greater strength, stability, and a streamlined appearance. The fan cover has also received an updated radial design and the screws of the hood have been rotated by 45 degrees, making them accessible in case a variable frequency drive is installed.

Along with visual updates, the 100 frame motors have several mechanical updates such as an optimized rotor fan assembly and encoder installation. The rotor fan has been designed with a quick click mechanism for simple install or removal, making maintenance and replacements fast and easy. The incremental encoders have full impact protection and improved torque support added to the bearing shield. The encoder position itself has been moved between the fan and the B-end bearing shield. These assembly changes result in protection against mechanical influences and better cooling of the motor as the encoder is not blocking the fan inlet. In addition to moving the encoder position, retrofitting of encoders is now possible and with the aid of a plug-on shaft, incremental encoders can easily be retrofitted to a standard motor without replacing or reworking the rotor. Special options such as a CAN based absolute encoder, hand wheel, and cast-iron fan are still available for configuration.

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