Ultra-Short Pulses with High Power

PicoLAS’ Nanosecond Drivers

Bedford, NH - May 26, 2020 - LASER COMPONENTS now has two compact, powerful nanosecond drivers for laser diodes in its range of products. LDP-AV 16N45-40 and LDP-AV 1N50-450 were developed by the manufacturer PicoLAS primarily for use in LiDAR applications.

The LDP-AV 16N45-40 electronics have 16 separate channels that can be equipped with a total current of 640 A; therefore, an output current of up to 40 A is available in each channel. Each of these channels can be controlled independently and sequentially. This makes the driver ideal for multi-channel applications. The duration of the individual pulses is set by the manufacturer according to customer specifications.

Laser powers of more than 650 W can be controlled with the LDP-AV 1N50-450. The electronics are particularly compact and offer output currents of 450 A and a power density of 1.71 W/mm² at a pulse duration of 5 ns. Other pulse durations can also be permanently set. Laser diodes and other emitters can be mounted directly to the circuit board of the driver to avoid interference from induction currents.

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Discover how human-robot collaboration can take flexibility to new heights!

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