MotoE™ ready to race thanks to CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology

CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology's Subtractive and Additive Manufacturing played a crucial role in the rebuilding of Ego Corsa machines for the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup after the setback last March, when a fire in Jerez destroyed much of the material for the MotoE™. CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology are Energica's strategic technological partners

Preparations are in progress for the resumption of the activities of the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup after the setback last March, when a fire in Jerez destroyed much of the material for the MotoE™ , Ego Corsa machines included.

CRP Technology and CRP Meccanica did not fail to give Energica (the FIM Enel MotoE ™ World Cup single manufacturer) their support on a par with the commitment made by all the parties involved.

"On the day after the fire in Jerez, it was clearly known that a special effort had to be made: now, as Energica's technological partners, I can very proudly say that we did it!" commented Eng. Franco Cevolini, CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology CEO.
By the end of May, Energica will have built all of the Ego Corsa machines needed, in a record time of less than three months.

"Since the early hours following the unfortunate event - Franco Cevolini added - CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology've been sided with Energica to support them in facing their challenge. The experience gained in 50 years of activity serving the most advanced sectors, has allowed us to address the situation in the most proper and efficient way."

Energica will be able to "reach the finishing line" on the 17th June with all the Ego Corsa race motorbikes rebuilt and ready for the technical test with riders and teams (17th-19th June, Circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia, Spain).
This is made possible through the skills, abilities and know-how of CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology in the field of the most innovative subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies.

The Ego Corsa race motorbikes rebuilt, are derived from the World's First Italian street-legal Electric motorcycle Energica Ego, and mounted a lot of parts and applications manufactured by CRP Meccanica and CRP Technology.

Among the many parts manufactured by CRP Technology using Windform® materials and professional 3D printing, there are: some details of the battery pack, the motor terminal cover, transponder holder.

Regarding the parts built by CRP Meccanica through high-precision CNC machining, are to be mentioned, among the many manufactured from solid: some parts in the area of the rear suspension; the battery pack and, for the rotating part of the motor: the crankshaft, the gear cascade, the pinion shaft.

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