The euspen annual event is bursting with high quality information, prestigious networking events, and an exhibition where this year one company will be making an offer only for event delegates

The prestigious euspen annual conference and exhibition is fast approaching, and all indications are that this year will be the biggest yet, with a host of high calibre delegates and influential exhibitors already registered and gearing up to attend.

Anyone involved in the area of micro and nano manufacturing will either be aware of or already be a member of euspen (the European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology), and many will have been to any of the 18 previous annual events. This is because euspen is at the vanguard of the furtherance of the skills and advancements that drive this sector, and remains a vital resource of information and event organization in Europe.

This year the annual event is being held in Bilbao, Spain 3-7 June 2019, and will draw together associated groups of movers and shakers in the micro/nano manufacturing arena from industry, R&D and academia. By so doing, the conference and exhibition is a place where things happen, ideas are exchanged, new initiatives are born, and new business relationships are forged.

The entire event is organised to allow networking and the exchange of experiences and developments, and above all else, is a place where partnerships that drive innovation and manufacturing success are forged.

The conference, workshops, and tutorials (accessible to all delegates), covers key areas of interest to thse pushing the boundaries of what is possible in manufacturing and miniaturisation. So saying, much content orbits around topics such as design and performance of measuring instruments and machine tools; mechatronics and control; metrology; advances in precision engineering and nanotechnologies; mechanical and non-mechanical manufacturing processes; replication and additive manufacturing; applications of precision engineering in biomedical sciences; handling robotics and automation; Industry 4.0 for precision manufacturing; and precision design in large scale applications.

At the exhibition, the Bilbao event is already nearly sold up (only a handful of places remain for interested parties) and boasts a glittering array of product and service suppliers offering best-in-class solutions. Among others delegates will have the opportunity to have in-depth discussions with the likes of Cranfield Precision, Thales SESO, Bestec GmbH, Accumold, Aerotech, ALIO Industries, Precitech, Ametek, Heidenhain, Attocube, IOP Publishing, Huber, IBS Precision Engineering, Kinetic Ceramics, JPE, Mad City Labs, Nanotech, MI Partners, PI, Olympus, Polytec, Queensgate Instruments, SmarAct, SIOS, and Nanofabrica.

Each of these exhibitors provides delegates with highly innovative ideas, technologies, and approaches to micro and nano scale manufacturing, and Nanofabrica is making a special invitation to attendees at this year's event.

Nanofabrica recently announced the commercial launch of its micron-level resolution additive manufacturing (AM) platform, characterised by the ability to make parts with extremely high precision at a speed and cost required for industrial manufacturing, achieving micron resolution over centimeter-sized parts.

To prove the versatility of the technology, Nanofabrica is inviting euspen event delegates to send them their product files, and they will build the part pre-event and give it to delegates on site. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, you can contact Jon Donner, CEO at Nanofabrica at t. +972 52 699 2313 or email at jon@nano-fabrica.com

In addition to the conference and exhibition, delegates can also attend the networking dinner and one of a variety of external tours to local institutions working the the micro / nano field. This makes the entire event a must for all professionals working in the sector.

For more information or to register for this year's event either contact Dishi Phillips Business Development Manager at euspen on t. +44 (0)1234 754023 e. dishi-phillips@euspen.eu, or go to www.euspen.eu.

About euspen

The European Society for Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology (euspen) is an influential community linking industrialists, researchers, respected authorities, new, and established players worldwide. It provides an entrepreneurial platform that enables companies and research institutes to promote their latest technology developments, products, and services and keep up to date with those in the field. euspen's defined mission is to advance the arts, sciences and technology of precision engineering, micro engineering and nanotechnology; to promote its dissemination through education and training; and to facilitate its exploitation by science and industry. www.euspen.eu

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