Mutually beneficial partnership increases packaging speeds and boosts profitability

WSI Global, a leading manufacturer of finishing equipment for the carton converting, liquid packaging, and corrugated industries, announces that it supplied equipment and engineering expertise to Colorado printing and media company CPCNeutek. The equipment is helping CPCNeutek streamline operations, increase speeds, create downstream efficiencies, and increase profitablity.

CPCNeutek had recently converted from a commercial printing operation to a full-fledged packaging factory. The company specializes in packaging for the pharmaceutical and cannabis industries, as well as nutraceuticals and supplements. They also create packaging for a huge range of consumer goods, from cereal boxes to small eye drop boxes. They were looking to do more more windowing and create more efficient packaging solutions for folding cartons.

The mutually beneficial partnership relationship began when WSI reached out to CPCNeutek to see if they would serve as a beta site for WSI's packaging equipment. WSI's equipment design process places a heavy emphasis on developing designs based on feedback from operators. The local connection made it easy and more convenient to gather data and tweak equipment design to make operational and functional improvements suggested by users.

WSI supplied an extremely user friendly windowing machine that helped CPCNeutek enter the windowing business. Previously they could not handle windowing efficiently. "They have developed some really amazing solutions to expedite the windowing process," said Mike Antonucci, President of CPCNeutek. "They allow us to keep the machine running inline while we are also running the folder/gluer. It is more cost effective, with less make-ready time and is more user friendly. Better efficiencies means we can offer better pricing to the market."

In addition to windowing equipment, WSI supplied CPCNeutek with an EdgePack, a low cost alternative to automatic packing. EdgePack handles the difficult part of the carton gathering and turning process for the catchers, presenting them on the folded edge so cartons are easier to pick up and pack. In many applications, an EdgePack can enable one catcher to do the work of two - resulting in speed increases of up to 100 percent. On the basis of feedback offered by CPCNeutek, WSI developed a small attachment to the EdgePack machine that allows batching of smaller boxes.

"Every one of our custom-built machines is essentially a beta," said Patrick O'Leary, WSI's sales manager. "We do whatever we need to do to keep a customer satisfied and consider all feedback - positive and negative - to be useful. We incorporate feedback into new designs and implement changes on future machines. It was a pleasure to be able to work with our neighbors to improve their business and ours at the same time. It continues to be a great win win situation."

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US Digital - E4T Miniature Optical Kit Encoder

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