New Kyntronics Article Compares Electro-Hydraulic Actuators to Hydraulic Cylinder Actuation Systems

Kyntronics new technical article compares electro-hydraulic actuator technology to hydraulic cylinder actuation systems. The white paper includes a comparison chart of technologies.

Kyntronics new article compares technologies of electro-hydraulic actuators to hydraulic cylinder actuation systems. It details the differences in complexity, cost, noise, reliability, environmental factors, size and energy consumption.

Hydraulic cylinder actuation systems typically require a costly infrastructure that includes pumps, cylinders, hydraulic hoses, accumulators, control valves, filters, and pressure transducers or other control additions for precise position and force control. The new EHA technology is self-contained, simple to set up, and can be connected to popular network interfaces including Ethernet and CANBus.
The two different technologies share some advantages including high force density, holding position without a brake, and integral force feedback, but electro-hydraulic actuators (EHAs) offer additional advantages, as they are fully self-contained and do not require a hydraulic system infrastructure. This reduces cost, improves reliability and is very energy efficient.
According to article author Carl Richter, "Electro-Hydraulic Actuators provide an economical and easy-to-install alternative to hydraulic cylinder actuation systems."
Hydraulic cylinder systems require more time to plan to select the proper spacing and mountings for pumps, cylinders, plumbing, servo control valves, filers, conduit, and control elements. Hydraulic pumps and motors are typically over-sized and run continuously, wasting energy and creating unwanted noise. The EHA only runs when motion is required (Force on Demand), saving on energy and noise.
With the same high force density, EHA technology is a legitimate option for hydraulic cylinders.
A comparison chart of the features of both Hydraulic cylinder actuation systems and EHAs is included in the article.
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