New Diakont Electric Actuators for Injection Molding Deliver Increased Performance in a Compact Footprint

Diakont electric servo actuators deliver higher performance than hydraulic motion control solutions in real-world injection molding applications.

Diakont electric servo actuators deliver higher performance than hydraulic motion control solutions in real-world injection molding applications. Proven to deliver best-in-class service lifetime, as well as offering high force in a compact size, Diakont electric actuators eliminate the risk of unplanned downtime while reducing the overall manufacturing cost through energy-savings compared to hydraulic solutions.

Diakont actuators provide outstanding reliability as a result of using robust components such as planetary roller screws with optimized thread designs, and a special hardening process. Featuring integrated permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM), Diakont electric actuators are also remarkably compact which facilitates easy integration in limited spaces.
Diakont electric actuators are available in multiple compact sizes and supply the high force required for motion control in injection molding processes, including core pull, ejection, clamping, hot runner direct nozzle, and multi valve control, while entirely eliminating many of the problems associated with hydraulics. With no hydraulic fluid needed, electric actuation puts an end to internal leakage and friction losses, resulting in significant increases to the overall efficiency of toggle injection and clamping machinery. Diakont actuators are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in high volume with just in time customer delivery.
"Diakont's new injection molding electric servo actuators use high-precision roller screws that provide the highest level of durability and service life," said Raj Bhavsar, Sales Engineer from Diakont's Advanced Technologies Division. "Leveraging years of industrial actuator development expertise, Diakont actuators improve process control, reliability, and quality."
About Diakont
Diakont is a provider of high-tech solutions that enhance the performance and economy of the manufacturing and energy industries. Diakont is a global company with its North American headquarters located in San Diego, CA. The company is an innovator in electric motion control, high-tech vision components, and inspection equipment.

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