IMTS - Endeavor Commerce Announces the Launch of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace

Endeavor Commerce releases a new CPQ application that allows users to buy and sell products and services in one place by subscribing to product catalogs from different vendors.


Endeavor Commerce is excited to announce the launch of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace, an advanced quote-to-order software platform that integrates fluidly with major CRM and ERP suites not limited to but including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and SAP. EndeavorCPQ Marketplace includes multi-vendor quoting functionality as well as integrations with Microsoft Power BI and DocuSign. The official launch date for EndeavorCPQ Marketplace is Sept. 1, 2016.
EndeavorCPQ Marketplace is a SaaS application that allows you to buy and sell all the products and services you need in one place, securely hosted in the cloud by subscribing to the product catalogs you use from different vendors. Endeavor Commerce believes EndeavorCPQ Marketplace will advance the CPQ space by offering additional features needed by sales teams that quote complex product sets.
Marc Eller, CPQM Director of Endeavor Commerce says "We streamlined the CPQ and quote-to-order process to include product and pricing data from multiple vendors within each company's industry. This is game-changer for companies using CPQ." As for the current success of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace Eller continued, "So far we have a lot of traction in the manufacturing industry, specifically in machine tools working with distributors and accessories providers and this is just the beginning."
The release of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace comes at a well-known time in the manufacturing arena with The International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) just around the corner. Endeavor Commerce is excited to be partnering with the Hardinge Group, a global machine tools builder, at IMTS Sept. 12-17 in Chicago to display the benefits of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace to other key players in the machine tools space.

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