WeldFit Introduces Bidirectional Capability to SureLaunch™ Automated Pigging System

WeldFit Energy Group’s SureLaunch™ Automated Pigging System now a bidirectional pipeline to allow for automated pigging in either flow directions.

WeldFit Energy Group's SureLaunch™ Automated Pigging System can now be incorporated into a bidirectional pipeline to allow for automated pigging in either flow direction and with minimal field changes.

"The SureLaunch™ Automated Pigging System is perfect for flow reversal, because it is horizontally oriented and the electro-mechanical drive system accepts any type of pig," said Roxy Mounter, vice president of sales and marketing for WeldFit Energy Group. "This new feature will help minimize downtime and field crew labor costs, because the launch modes can be switched in less than an hour."
The SureLaunch™ launcher utilizes an extended barrel that holds seven or more pigs to be launched on a peri¬odic basis. The pigs are moved into launch position by a mechanical drive system controlled by an advanced Human Machine Interface (HMI) system. For bidi¬rectional application, identical launcher units are on both ends of the pipeline and each has its own internal drive mechanism and HMI controller. The HMI controller for the unit acting as the receiver would be turned off until the flow in the pipeline is reversed. The procedure for reversing the flow in the pipeline is quick and simple.
"The SureLaunch™ system increases flow rates, decreases costs and lowers environmental emissions exposure by launching multiple pigs without having to open the vessel closure," said Mounter. "Now operators can benefit from its bidirectional capability and save time as well."
WeldFit introduced the SureLaunch™ Automated Pigging System in 2015 to launch any type of pig individually at pre-set launch intervals through the use of a logic-driven control system and an electrical drive system. The horizontally oriented launcher design is loaded with multiple pigs in one loading operation that allows the launching of a single cleaning pig, batching pig or spherical pig for both liquid and gas pipeline service applications.
About WeldFit Energy Group
Houston-based WeldFit Energy Group is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pipeline equipment including hot tap tees, Sureloc line stop tees and Automated Pigging Systems that can be utilized to perform four separate pigging functions: liquid recovery, cleaning, batching and in-line inspections. WeldFit's extrusion expertise, along with extensive machining and welding capabilities, give the company the ability to create a variety of standard and custom products. For more information, visit http://www.WeldFit.com.

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