IMTS - Registration Now Open for LIA's Inaugural Industrial Laser Conference

Registration is now open for LIA's inaugural Industrial Laser Conference, to be held at IMTS 2016 on September 13 at the renowned McCormick Place in Chicago.

Registration is now open for the Laser Institute of Americas inaugural Industrial Laser Conference, to be held at IMTS 2016 on September 13, at the renowned McCormick Place in Chicago. Designed exclusively for the industrial manufacturing professional, the conference will showcase laser applications that are driving the evolution of manufacturing. From manufacturing directors to automation engineers to production specialists, every member of the industrial manufacturing workforce can benefit from attending this conference, learning over the course of a full day how to leverage lasers into their manufacturing processes in a high-tech, high-demand market.

From additive manufacturing to cutting, welding and marking, this content-packed event applies to every industrial manufacturer seeking a future-forward increase in skills, company profits and efficiency. As Industrial Laser Conference Program Chair Elizabeth Kautzmann of FANUC America Corporation explains, these innovative techniques are emerging and revolutionizing the industry to meet market demands, all rooted in the fields collective understanding of conventional machining.
"Just as significant as discussions about technology, are the means by which legacy manufacturers can incorporate and powerfully exploit the versatility of the technology," Kautzmann said. "We can now migrate conventional subtractive processes into realms where newer approaches, which combine innovative and fresh perspectives based on solid manufacturing building blocks, are already in place."
Inherent to laser technology is the means by which the process of applying laser types and techniques fosters innovation and creativity. Creation and innovation is a natural tendency in laser technology, Kautzmann points out, which is one of the most exciting parts about the future of industrial manufacturing - and one of the overarching themes of this years conference.
As a Laser/Fabrication Program Manager, Kautzmann promotes and encourages developments in engineering features to advance discussions and applications in laser innovations. Over the course of nearly 30 years, Kautzmanns career has been one in championing the case for laser technology penetration in conventional and emerging markets. The Industrial Laser Conference is the best way, she believes, to continue her mission and inspire the future of the manufacturing workforce.
"The ensemble of talent at this years conference reveals a group of individuals pulled together for the sake of meeting manufacturings greatest challenges, with technologys most diverse tool, the laser. Each of the presenters, as well as the prospective attendees, represent a collection of know-how, which is the very legacy that lasers intend to fortify during this age of innovative, manufacturing evolution."
From advancements in technology, expected challenges, and Kautzmanns favorite topic, Trends in the Trenches, Kautzmann expects the LIA Industrial Laser Conference to breathe new life into the present and future of industrial manufacturing.
"FANUCs founder, Dr. Inaba, once said, ‘technology has a history, but engineers have no past. They only need to create. I think that quote sums up the purpose of the new Industrial Laser Conference perfectly."
Registration to the 2016 Industrial Laser Conference includes access to the IMTS exhibit floor for all six days. For more information and to register, visit
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