Kickstarter - Drone For Consumers – C-mi – Achieves Successful Liftoff with Kickstarter Campaign

The C-mi campaign earned Kickstarters coveted “Staff Pick” status while its funding goal reached 50% completion in 7 days.

Pasadena, California May 02, 2015

PolyHelo announced, via a Kickstarter campaign, its new camera drone, C-mi (see-me), an all-in-one camera drone designed for real world consumer use. This week, the products Kickstarter campaign achieved the coveted "Staff Pick" status, while gaining impressive funding support quickly.

Users can support C-mis rise to success on its Kickstarter campaign, advance purchase the portable drone, and then fly C-mi in multiple modes of automated flight, while capturing high definition video and images.

PolyHelos CEO, Mark Richardson, describes the C-mi mobile app as "too easy to use."

"Consumers can focus on capturing images or a video, and not how to fly or manage the drone," said Richardson.

"Anyone can use C-mi at events, on vacations, or even to make movies. C-mis instant connection with social media platforms means sharing your expertise or hobby from the sky instantly. That in turn means growing a social following quickly."

C-mis design incorporates a wide range of flight and camera behaviors into a number of intuitive flight modes. The drones digital user interface has been designed for easily controlled flight, changeable camera modes and live video viewing while the drone is still in flight, directly sharing images and video to social media platforms, all from a single app.

C-mi provides four main modes that control the flyer and camera from a mobile device using the intuitive iOS and Android apps. The app uses GPS tracking from the control app, target apps, and custom C-mi remotes. The modes are:


* Select C-mi's relative position and the camera-viewing angle. C-mi will follow you maintaining its position. C-mi's camera will automatically and continually adjust its aim to keep you in the center of view. C-mi will follow at speeds up to 40 mph.


* C-mi Orbits You: C-mi will fly a circular path around you. If you point the camera at you, C-mi will place you in the center of a panorama.
* You Orbit C-mi: C-mi will stay in one position but the camera will continue to track you. This setting is perfect for putting C-mi in the center of the action.


* C-mi will hover and take a panoramic video. You can easily select C-mi to rotate clockwise or counter clockwise to produce stunning 360-degree panoramic shots or create a single 360 panoramic image.


* You can draw flight paths relative to C-mi's current location using a simple map pane within the app. C-mi also provides a simulated "twin sticks" option on top of the live feed video. You can even let C-mi hold altitude while you enjoy "first person view" (FPV) flying.

Polyhelo develops software and hardware for open blade multi-rotor systems and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

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