Humanoid Robot Developer Robot Era Debuts Dexterous, Versatile XHand for Object Manipulation

This is the first time Robot Era unveils its breakthroughs in dexterous hand, an important end effector for a humanoid robot to achieve object manipulation.

Beijing, China, May 20 -- Robot Era, a fast-rising humanoid robot startup, has introduced a self-developed dexterous hand called XHand for the completion of a number of everyday and industry tasks.

In a video released by Robot Era, the XBot-L, a full-size humanoid robot, exercises its fingers, clenches and unclenches its hands, swing its arms, chucks plush toys into a box, and fondles a purring cat.

In shots suggesting its fine motor skills, the robot cuts a withered leaf from the stem of a potted plant, handles robotic gears, pumps a balloon, and shoots plastic marbles.

The XBot-L also shows its upper limb agility by throwing a punch to bring down a pile of foam blocks. In other scenes of the video, it gently sets down an egg on the table, and performs other delicate tasks just like a human.

This is the first time Robot Era unveils its breakthroughs in dexterous hand, an important end effector for a humanoid robot to achieve object manipulation.

With 12 active degrees of freedom -- one more than Tesla's Optimus -- the XHand displays exceptional dexterity and sets new standards in general-purpose robotics.

It boasts built-in tactile sensors, a simple transmission structure, powerful motor joints and other in-house technologies. They not only bolster motion control precision but also contribute to smooth and reliable operation.

Embedded into each fingertip of the XHand, highly sensitive array sensors collect and feed back information including the size, shape, texture, softness and force feedback of the object being grasped.

The dexterous hand generates a maximum force of 80N and exceeds human capabilities in object grasping. With a high payload, it is designed to hold heavy items like a 5kg bottle of water and adapt to a variety of working environments.

More importantly, the intricate inner mechanisms of the XHand underpin deeper integration with advanced AI models and algorithms, providing an ideal hardware platform for future improvements in embodied AI.

When attached to XBot-L, the XHand not only assists the robot with factory jobs like material handling, sorting, picking and assembling.

Moreover, thanks to the highly intelligent, reliable and versatile dexterous hands, it can also be deployed to a home setting to carry out household chores such as gardening and pet sitting, opening up new use cases for humanoid robotics.


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