Kaman Announces New Air Gap Tool

Simple, Accurate Measuring and Data Storage for Hydroelectric Turbines

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Middletown, CT - The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products, Inc., the world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance position measurement systems, announces its new Air Gap Tool. Offering simple, accurate measuring and data storage for hydroelectric turbines and more, the Air Gap Tool is designed specifically for static alignment of rotor / stator in large scale hydro generators. It is ideal tool for measuring air gaps in the field and can be used for initial installation and during re-assembly after maintenance procedures.

The new Air Gap Tool from Kaman can measure and store data with the tap of a finger - no power cords, no pens, no paper. The tool can be easily positioned at predetermined locations between the stator core and rotor poles. Air gap distance is accurately measured and transmitted wirelessly to handheld Android™ or iPhone™ devices using the included app and stored on command. The Air Gap Tool makes gap measurement quick and easy.

Using proven, robust Kaman eddy current sensing technology, the new Air Gap Tool offers effortless setup and operation, with a full-featured app that provides a user-friendly graphic user interface. The tool provides both horizontal and vertical measurements. Users can set limits for intuitive visual feedback while working.

The Air Gap Tool is fully configurable and is available in optimized depths for a variety of specific applications. The tool was designed with a focus on providing usable data, with real-time visibility of data points, as well as maximum, minimum, and average readings.

With its cordless fully wireless operation, the Air Gap Tool features unencumbered mobility, using a USB rechargeable battery with a battery life of greater than four hours.

For more information about the Air Gap Tool, visit https://www.kamansensors.com/product/kaman-air-gap-tool/ or to learn about Kaman Measuring products, visit www.kamansensors.com.


About Kaman Precision Products Measurement Division
Kaman Precision Products Measurement Division is a worldwide leader in the design and production of high-performance, precision non-contact position measuring systems using inductive, Eddy current technology. Recognizing that each customer has specific individual requirements, Kaman consults with customers to help choose the best sensor, conditioning electronics, and calibration for each application. With more than 40 years of experience, our advanced family of high-precision position sensors is used in hundreds of applications in aerospace, automotive, energy, metals production, metalworking industries, and many others.

Part of Kaman Corporation of Bloomfield, Connecticut, we design and manufacture our products at a state of the art production facility that meets AS9100/B and ISO 9001:2000 quality management system requirements.

For more information call 800-552-6267, email measuring@kaman.com or go to www.kamansensors.com

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