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Shop Floor Automations

Shop Floor Automations

Founded in 1998, Shop Floor Automations (SFA) is a manufacturing integrator specializing in digitally transformative hardware, software and support solutions to increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of plant facilities throughout North America. Its combination of manufacturing expertise and a suite of modern solutions, including DataXchange machine monitoring, Predator DNC software and USB CNC hardware, ensures your shop floor is equipped for better communication, control and improvement. To add intelligent automation to your shop floor, contact Shop Floor Automations at

Mailing Address:
5360 Jackson Drive, Suite 202
La Mesa, California 91942
United States of America

Tel: 619-461-4000



Company Category: Automation & IIoT

Company Sector: Manufacturing

Keywords: shop floor automation, manufacturing, cnc, dnc

Partner Status: Marketing Partner


Improve Program Accuracy Through Digital Twin Technology

Improve Program Accuracy Through Digital Twin Technology

The VERICUT® CNC Machine Connect, which was launched as an add-on to the 9.3 release of VERICUT® software in 2022 through a partnership between CGTech and Scytec Consulting Inc., aligns digital twin simulations of CNC programs and live production to enable manufacturers to detect, communicate and validate variances in order to produce higher quality parts at faster rates. Watch a demo at the Shop Floor Automations booth, #133240, at IMTS 2024 or contact the manufacturing integrator at today.


Smart Manufacturing Takes Flight

Machine data now serves as the conversation starter on the floor to uncover issues and identify solutions. The third and final phase for AMT will be an upgrade to the gold licensing level of DataXchange and a roll out to all machines.

How to Compare Machine Monitoring Software with These 3 Questions

Machine monitoring can be a particularly attractive priority due to its low investment options, both in terms of pricing and connectivity, as well as rate of return.

A Turn Toward Manufacturing Perfection with CNC Digital Twins

Manufacturers with a digital twin of a prototype can be tested across multiple simulations or designs to reduce the number of physical iterations needed before production or they can be used to analyze product performance.

Shop Floor Automations at IMTS 2022

The DataXchange machine monitoring software solution eliminates manual, labor-intensive processes to give manufacturers instant views and alerts about their equipment on the floor to make quick, informed decisions.

Why You Should Skip Free DNC Software

The benefits of DNC software when it comes to managing your CNC programs, machine parameters, and offsets are well known. As a result, many businesses look to offer some form of DNC software or their own, ranging from thousands of dollars to absolutely free.

Machine Data Collection and Monitoring

For years, the shop floor as been an island of its own and with the latest climate from the US government and other countries, more companies are seeking integration and connection to the corporate world.

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Shop Floor Automations Celebrates 20 Years as the Top Predator Reseller for Manufacturers

PDM, MDC and DNC software among the highest-sought Predator solutions supported by the manufacturing integrator


For manufacturers adhering to regulations like International Traffic in Arms (ITAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) and other security and compliance requirements, the ability to monitor disparate machines, each with a unique control system and communication protocol with varying ages, can make continuous improvement initiatives challenging in the cloud.

CNC Digital Twins Help Simulate Success with New Partnership

For manufacturers seeking to identify the presence of variances before production begins on the floor, this integration utilizes DataXchange to monitor CNC machines with FANUC oi and 30oi series controls and send setup information, like main NC programs, subprograms, axis locations, work offsets and tooling, to compare with VERICUT's Machine Configuration (VMC) for accuracy verification.

Shop Floor Automations to Exhibit Machine Monitoring at IMTS 2022

The DataXchange solution leverages Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology to capture and communicate real-time equipment data to a mobile or desktop user interface.

Hardware for Legacy Manufacturing Equipment

Refreshing instead of Replacing Machines

DataXchange New Features at IMTS 2018

New features, same low pricing, for machine monitoring at Booth 133240

Showing Value of Automation to Shop Floor Decision Makers

How to prove automation saves time on the shop floor

Automation Solutions at Mazak West 2018

Machine Monitoring & Hardware Solutions for Mazak Users

Free Webinar in January - Machine Monitoring

Exploring the benefits of real-time OEE monitoring

MFG Day 2017 was a Success

Interviews with 3 Organizations impacting MFG Day


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