Supported by an MRP system from the ground up, Australian custom metal fabricator Aston Precision grew from a spare bedroom to an established industry player in just three years. “I got MRPeasy even before I got my first warehouse,” says CJ Prem, Founder and Director.

Metal Fabricator Implements MRP Software Before Even Renting a Warehouse
Metal Fabricator Implements MRP Software Before Even Renting a Warehouse

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Becoming an established supplier in just 3 years

Aston Precision is a custom metal fabrication company from Melbourne, Australia. The business specializes in sheet metal and structural metal fabrication and offers a comprehensive range of services, from 3D CAD design and drafting to CNC laser cutting, brake press, welding including TIG and MIG, and metal coating services.

The company started in 2021 and now, just three years later, Aston Precision is an established partner for the Australian construction industry, industrial machinery manufacturers, architectural firms, and even retail giant Amazon.


A system was set up even before a warehouse

From the very beginning, the company has had an ace up its sleeve – a functioning manufacturing management system.

“When I started the company, I was adamant that I wanted a system in place,” Prem says. “I got MRPeasy even before I got my first warehouse.”

Before landing on MRPeasy, he considered several other options, including the ones he had worked with at previous jobs, but all missed the mark. What made the biggest difference compared to similar packages was that MRPeasy offered quote estimation – he could add all the parts, processing, and assembly going into the products, get an accurate price estimate for the order, and schedule production promptly.

“I couldn’t get those from any other system I tried,” Prem says.

In addition, MRPeasy offered strong inventory and BOM features along with the traceability required by a growing number of Aston Precision’s clients. Moreover, Prem wanted the company to get ISO 9001 certified, which entails stringent traceability and document control measures.

“The system is so simple,” Prem says. “I did the trial and was hooked.”

Setup took just a couple of days

The initial setup of the new software took just a couple of days. Even Aston Precision’s 19-year-old System Administrator, who had no experience with manufacturing took just a couple of months to learn MRPeasy to a level that she felt comfortable using it independently.

“MRPeasy is just perfect,” he says. “Now I can’t imagine how we could operate without it.”


Accurate cost estimation is the biggest benefit

Today, Aston Precision’s entire operation is managed in MRPeasy, from quoting to manufacturing to quality control to shipping. Everything is thereby documented within the system, enabling Prem to know exactly what is happening in the company and to generate reports about various business functions.

Although Prem says he cannot pinpoint his favorite MRPeasy feature as he “likes them all”, he knows which areas of the business have benefitted from the system the most. First and foremost is pricing: MRPeasy has taken the guesswork out of estimations and costing, even when dealing with highly intricate products.

“We build very complicated assemblies with many subparts included in the bills of materials. MRPeasy is the best to get accurate pricing for them,” he states.


Achieving inventory control and visibility into performance

The second most important benefit is the degree of control they now have over their inventory. Whenever the team receives a new customer order, in just a few clicks they can create a manufacturing order, book the required materials from stock, and put in a purchase order for out-of-stock materials.

“We don’t have to create purchase orders manually,” Prem details. “Whenever inventory levels drop below a certain point, we can generate a pre-filled PO ready to be sent out. That is amazing.”

Thirdly, the company takes full advantage of the dashboard functionality, which gives them an overview of the company’s vitals such as the cash flow, current sales, work-in-process, late orders, and many more.

“The dashboard gives us quick visibility into our performance without having to generate separate reports,” Prem says.


Better implement sooner than later

To other growing manufacturers, Prem recommends taking the leap to MRP sooner rather than later. In his experience, hiring people into an already established system is much easier than having them adopt it later.

“With a reliable and affordable system in place, now we can focus on growth and innovation without the burden of remembering every detail as the system remembers and prompts every aspect of our operations,” he says. “Thanks to MRPeasy! It’s every entrepreneur’s dream!”


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