Packaging can be a deciding factor in whether or not your business achieves an impressive return on investment. Businesses must strike a balance between using high-quality and protective materials, whilst also making sure there is still plenty of room for profit.

Automated Packaging Production & Custom Corrugated Boxes

Barry Tabor, Managing Director | Kolbus AutoBox

Packaging can be a deciding factor in whether or not your business achieves an impressive return on investment. Businesses must strike a balance between using high-quality and protective materials, whilst also making sure there is still plenty of room for profit. Whether a brand decides to outsource their packaging production and rely on third parties, or they want to take control of their packaging in-house, automated packaging machines can completely revolutionise the process. How? They allow businesses to reduce waste, minimise costs, and control their environmental impact. 


What is packaging automation?

Packaging automation can refer to machinery used at any stage of the packaging process, from production to packing and sealing. This article will focus on automated packaging production and the various types of machinery that can be used in the making of corrugated boxes, from the actual box making down to the printing and gluing. 


Why use automated machinery for corrugated box production?

Meet demands

Automated box making machinery is ideal for businesses that have a variety of orders coming in on an almost constant basis. All you have to do is programme your machine to a certain box size or shape using a user-friendly interface, and you can produce as large or small of a volume as you like to meet order demands. If your business needs to reduce the production time of your packaging and optimise on productivity during busy periods, automated corrugated box machines can enable you to meet demands with no issue. 


Consistent quality

Corrugated box making machinery leaves no room for human error. Automated machinery is programmed to cut boxes in highly specific shapes and sizes consistently. Businesses don’t have to worry about any potential inconsistencies in the size or quality of corrugated boxes used for shipping their products. Having a standardised packaging production process means you ensure your products are posted safely and reliably, without risk of boxes being the incorrect size due to being restricted to the sizes of pre-made packaging. 


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Reduce environmental impact

Businesses must take into account the impact they’re having on the environment, if they want to be respected in their industry and by consumers. Instead of pre-ordering tons of packaging materials to pre-empt orders that come through, make your own corrugated boxes as and when they’re required with an automated machine. 

Kolbus AutoBox offer a wide range of box making machinery to enable businesses of all sizes to take control of their packaging production and design. Their most famous machine, the AutoBox, allows complete customisation, with over 100 variations of boxes to create and print. Automated box making machinery is user-friendly and can hugely reduce your business’ wastage. By having set measurements and shapes for your boxes and only producing boxes as orders come in, little to no packaging material is wasted in the process. 


Optimise efficiency

It perhaps goes without saying, but automated corrugated box making is far quicker than relying on a workforce to get the job done. Box making machines allow brands to manage their own packaging production without having to compromise on speed or quality. Machinery can be depended on to produce large volumes of packaging both accurately and quickly, to suit the needs of each product/consumer and maintain a smooth supply chain overall. 


Types of corrugated box making machinery:

Box making

Corrugated cardboard boxes should be as tailored to your individual products as possible, if you want to ensure there are no damages or extra costs when shipping. Investing in automated machinery means all you have to do is programme the machine to a certain size or shape and leave it to produce as many or as little boxes as you require. 


Box printing

As well as being able to automate the production of your corrugated boxes, you can use machinery for branding your packaging materials too. Box printing machines can be added into your production line to ensure that your packaging impresses consumers upon arrival. Packaging is a great way to reinforce your branding and add a personal touch to your packages that customers will always appreciate. 


Box gluing 

To further optimise your business’ supply chain, you can invest in box gluing machines. These machines take over the assembling process of your packaging and make sure every corrugated box is securely glued. Opting for automated or semi-automated machinery allows brands to maintain speed, quality, and efficiency throughout the entire packaging process. 



About Barry Tabor
Barry Tabor is the Managing Director of Kolbus AutoBox, the UK’s leading manufacturer of box making, printing, and gluing machinery. Barry has decades of experience in the short run box making market, with Kolbus AutoBox now providing packaging solutions to hundreds of companies worldwide. Kolbus AutoBox were awarded the Queen’s award for enterprise for their contribution to international trade in 2016.


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