Companies with technically complex content face two key challenges: press spokespeople and marketing experts must make the products and services known and explain their function and benefits in an easily understandable way.

Six Factors for PR Success
Six Factors for PR Success

Helmut Bode | BODE Fach-PR GmbH

Companies with technically complex content face two key challenges: press spokespeople and marketing experts must make the products and services known and explain their function and benefits in an easily understandable way. With editorial contributions in specialist media, both succeed. The following basic rules should be adhered to.

When it comes to technically complex content, many companies need support: professional buyers only choose products and services whose unique advantages they immediately understand. This is especially true for trade fairs or phone calls, where there is hardly any time to go into details.

What are the benefits of the aerodynamically optimized profile of a turbine blade in power plant operation? What is the benefit of building information modelling in terms of fire protection planning? How can a cloud be secured in such a way that only authorized data access is possible? Not only comprehensible sales documents are needed, but also an easy and effective strategic communication. Industry knowledge and experience are crucial.


1. Using specialist media as door openers

Specialist media are particularly suitable for addressing professional B2B decision-makers without any scattering loss. In Germany, there are more than 5,000 printed specialist magazines, which usually also have a website. In addition, there are more than 400 online specialist magazines. From production managers in the beverage industry to architects and municipal buyers – specialist media are among the most frequently used sources of information and are above all credible.

🡪 Get an overview, start with defined pilot projects.


2. Vary content instead of copying it

An example: A company produces highly fail-safe switch cabinets and would like to make them known to buyers in the energy technology industry. In this segment are about ten specialist media all over Germany with an average circulation of 20,000 copies. Depending on the market situation, topic focus and preparation, print and online publications can be achieved in at least half of the media. Don’t always use the same specialist article. Media are partially in direct competition with each other and request exclusive texts that are tailored to them.

🡪 Tailor your text to the respective medium and rewrite texts.


3. Buy industry PR knowledge

Especially for medium-sized companies it can be very helpful to buy press services. They often think that only large agencies can provide this work. Medium-sized or smaller agencies are demonstrably successful when they have the right contacts and the necessary experience. Those who need to focus on content or development work first will hardly be efficient. Specialized service providers can and should provide references and evidence relevant for the industry.

🡪 Rely on service providers who have already established relevant contacts.


4. Editorials are no advertising

Editorial texts focus on content. These are discussions, modified laws and examples that offer readers something new – and differ from market competitors. The content should speak for itself. Technical articles provide enough space to prepare even highly complex content in an understandable way and contextualize it. A first contact by e-mail contains shorts abstracts of longer texts.

🡪 Explain the customer benefit, advertise product details only indirectly.


5. Check and recognize quality

Opinions on what constitutes a good text sometimes differ – not only between the specialist department, the marketing department and the press office. Agencies also apply different standards. High quality texts achieve a) reprints without having been substantially revised afterwards by the editorial staff and b) convey the desired message without being promotional. PR means playing it indirectly. A good text shows that product XY is the fastest, best, first, cheapest or most durable on the market without having to use the steamroller approach.

🡪 Optimize your content for unchanged adoption by the editorial staff.


6. Disclose values

It is not only important to clearly define the functions and customer benefits of the products and services, to describe them in an easily understandable way and to effectively spread them. It is also decisive why a company offers something and must be identified. The convictions and values behind a product or service are a central component of a purchase decision. This provides decision-makers with orientation in increasingly complex and volatile markets and lays the foundation for a lasting business relationship.

🡪 Verbalize why your company does what it does. Use that in sales.



Expert press work offers the opportunity to gain expert status and attention in clearly defined industries. This helps sales, but requires careful preparation. Decisive is content that is convincing by example and conveys values instead of just promoting features. Because it is not least the message behind the message that counts.



About Helmut Bode
Helmut Bode is Managing Director and Chief Editor at BODE Fach-PR, Industriepark-Höchst in Germany.


The content & opinions in this article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent the views of ManufacturingTomorrow

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