The below salary charts for robotics engineers shows the highest salary levels for robotics engineers in New York & San Francisco at approx. $110,000.

Robotics Engineers: What are the salary levels & who is hiring?

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Robotics Engineers is one of the hottest fields in hiring & recruiting. Our research indicates that hiring has picked up and is robust across key areas in the US. The below salary charts for robotics engineers shows the highest salary levels for robotics engineers in New York & San Francisco at approx. $110,000. The cities with the median salaries are Atlanta & Chicago who have salaries between $99 & $103,000. The lower end of the salary scale is in Austin which probably reflects the lower cost of living.


Here are five examples of companies hiring across industries for Robotics Engineers. A continuously updated list is available at Pansop.

GE Research – Niskayuna, New York (Research)

  • Senior Robotics & Autonomous Systems Engineer: As a Senior Robotics and Autonomous Systems Engineer you will work with GE Global Research and GE Business teams to define, build, and execute strategic research and development programs focused on building Robotic and Autonomous Systems aligned with GE's Industrial Internet vision.

Kiva Systems- Amazon – Woburn, MA (Warehouse & Logistics)

  • Hardware Services Engineer: Maintaining fleets of mobile robots and related hardware & Working remotely to analyze issues by running diagnostic, reviewing error logs and providing guidance to local maintenance team and other FSEs.

Lockheed Martin: Cherry Hill, New Jersey (Defense)

  • Robotic Artificial Intelligence Engineer: This position is an engineer in the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory (IRL) at Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Laboratories (ATL). Working as part of a team of engineers, the Robotic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer will create intelligent robotic systems that embody emerging technological principles in AI and cognitive science, applied to a growing collection of DOD R&D contracts in the IRL. Projects concentrate on intelligent autonomy technology areas such as automated planning, intelligent reasoning, advanced perception, and robotic intelligence for human-robot interaction. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a history of creative and innovative problem solving in these technology areas, demonstrated experience working on complex engineering tasks or projects, and will be a motivated individual with an entrepreneurial nature who is interested in helping develop new ideas for DOD customers. This is an engineering position reporting directly to an IRL Research Area Manager. 

Caterpillar: Pittsburgh, PA (Large Equipment)

  • Robotics System Engineer: As a Engineering Specialist-Designer, you will develop, improve, and troubleshoot onboard autonomy software systems used for path planning on an autonomous hauling truck that is deployed at large mine sites.  You will work closely with other system developers, support teams, and testing staff in multiple geographic locations and organizations. 

Intuitive Surgical: Sunnyvale, CA (Healthcare) 

  • Systems Analyst (Robotics Control Engineer): Systems Analysts at Intuitive Surgical perform a central role in the design, development, and support of new products. They are primarily responsible for the control algorithms, safety systems, and user interfaces for new surgical robots and surgical instruments. This responsibility crosses into electrical, mechanical, software, controls, and safety engineering where all the subsystems are integrated together.
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