MRPeasy Launches B2B Customer Portal, Integrates Web Store into MRP Software

The innovative portal aims to transform how manufacturers do business with their customers by integrating a seamless web store environment into their MRP system.

May 8, 2024 - MRPeasy, a leading provider of cloud-based manufacturing resource planning (MRP) software, has unveiled its new B2B Customer Portal. The innovative portal aims to transform how manufacturers do business with their customers by integrating a seamless web store environment into their MRP system.

The new B2B Customer Portal, part of MRPeasy's CRM system, allows manufacturers to easily offer customers a tailored shopping experience through customized or discounted pricing and personalized catalogs. The portal makes order management simple for manufacturers, ensuring smooth operations from order placement to fulfillment.

It also thoroughly changes the experience for the customers of manufacturers, who can now browse a customizable product catalog, create and manage orders autonomously, and monitor order details such as statuses and expected delivery dates. They can view and export invoices as well as edit shipping details or arrange pickups directly from the vendor, adding flexibility and convenience to the purchasing process.

Mike Lurye, Director of Business Development (North America) at MRPeasy: "With our new customer portal, we aim to improve the sales and order processing tasks for small manufacturers, who often handle these operations manually. By integrating a customer portal into MRPeasy, we're transforming how manufacturers interact with their customers as well as the experience for the customers. Small manufacturers can now offer their customers 24/7 accessibility, tailored purchasing options, and real-time data interaction, which helps them compete with larger players."

In addition to providing a better customer experience, the portal also integrates with MRPeasy's manufacturing software to ensure more efficient data collection and analysis, thereby helping with decision-making processes. Moreover, it cuts down on manual mistakes and operational costs, making inventory management and customer service much easier to handle.

MRPeasy customers can activate the new B2B Customer Portal feature in their system settings and assign a price list to their customers to determine which products are visible and available for order in the portal. They can further customize the portal in the system settings, allowing them to choose which customers receive access and control which products each client can see and purchase.

See the portal in action (video):

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About MRPeasy
MRPeasy is a pioneer in cloud-based Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) software that helps small manufacturers grow by offering easy-to-use tools that cover the essentials they need to manage their production and distribution. Founded in 2014 by a team of seasoned software engineers and ERP experts, MRPeasy started offering small manufacturers a user-friendly, affordable solution that meets their unique needs. The platform provides a clear view of production costs and timelines, helping growing manufacturing businesses to handle new challenges and keep on expanding successfully. With MRPeasy, small manufacturers can level the playing field with larger competitors, getting access to production management tools without unnecessary complexities.

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