PFlow Industries Highlights M Series Mechanical Vertical Lift Solution

Versatile VRC Improves Efficiency and Worker Safety

Milwaukee, WI - PFlow Industries, the founders of the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry, highlights its M Series 2-Post Mechanical Material Lifts that are ideal for almost any material lifting application.

The PFlow M Series moves materials faster and more safely than forklifts, with standard travel speed of 25 feet per minute (FPM), and up to 400 FPM available. With its ability to lift up to 10,000 pounds, reach an unlimited number of floor levels, and perform under even the most demanding continuous use applications, the M Series is a perfect lifting solution for high-speed / high-cycle and automated material handling applications. With quality construction, backed by a lifetime structural warranty, the M Series provides reliable, long-term performance, resulting in minimal downtime.
Each M Series VRC conforms to ASME B20.1 and is equipped with advanced safety features, including limit switches that control carriage travel, shutting off the motor and engaging the brake when tripped or power is lost. Additionally, chain sensors, certified safety cams, chain tensioners, and guides ensure safe operation by detecting chain tension loss and chain failure and preventing uncontrolled carriage descent.

PFlow specializes in designing customized lifting solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each application, ranging from simple, two-level material lifting to complex integrations with automated systems. The versatile M Series VRC is available in both straddle and cantilever designs, each with its own unique advantages. Straddle configurations provide increased lifting capacity and larger carriage platform sizes, making them ideal for applications with ample space. Conversely, cantilever configurations offer access to the carriage platform from three sides and can accommodate taller payloads, making them suitable for areas with limited space.


About PFlow Industries

As the vertical reciprocating conveyor (VRC) industry founder in 1977 and key author of state and federal codes, PFlow has literally written the book on VRC design and safety. Backed by the strength of the industry's largest and most experienced dealer network, the largest in-house engineering and technical support staff, and dedicated in-region sales team, PFlow is the industry's trusted VRC partner. Proudly claiming 20,000 units in operation, PFlow has the experience to ensure your project's success. PFlow also designs and manufactures Cartveyor® shopping cart conveyors, designed for high-volume cart transport in multi-level retail environments. For more information visit and

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