NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Delivers Reliable Technology for Airport Baggage Handling Systems

NORD’s introduction of the DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor, IE5+ synchronous motors, and NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives add to their intelligent drive solutions that satisfy the specific demands of the airport industry.

NORD's introduction of the DuoDrive integrated gear unit and motor, IE5+ synchronous motors, and NORDAC ON/ON+ variable frequency drives add to their intelligent drive solutions that satisfy the specific demands of the airport industry.

WAUNAKEE, Wis. (November 30¬¬, 2021) - NORD is committed to committed to meeting demands of existing and future airport baggage handling systems. Their units deliver reliable operation and control that is required in airport applications such as lifts, conveyors, pushers, and indexers. For applications such as angled belt conveyors, NORD decentralized electronic control products with external braking resistors control both speed and positioning with extreme precision. These complete, single-sourced units are also compact and easy to service and maintain, benefiting areas where space is limited.

NORD solutions for the airport industry include:

IE5+ Synchronous Motors
NORD's new generation of IE5+ motors utilize a reduced noise, high efficiency design suited to areas in airports that are acoustically sensitive, such as check-in or baggage pick up. The motors present flexible mounting solutions whether it is direct mounted to a gearbox or mounted to a NEMA or IEC adapter. These motors meet the highest efficiency standards and are designed for reducing variants and lowering operating costs. The two frame sizes, 70 and 90, offer a power range from 0.5 - 3HP and a speed range from 0 - 2100 rpm. IE5+ synchronous motors are outfitted with an integrated encoder that can be programmed for precise control over speed, synchronization, and position.

Key features:
• Worldwide approvals and acceptance
• Highest operational efficiency available
• Reduced TCO and fast ROI
• Non-ventilated (N-Design) and ventilated (F-Design) options
• US Availability
o 71 frame N design - 0.5 HP to 1.5 HP - Available Now
o 90 frame N design - 1.5 HP to 3 HP - Available Q1 2022
o 90 frame F design - 2 HP to 5 HP - Available Q1 2022
o 71 frame F design - 0.75 HP to 3 HP - Available Q3 2022

DuoDrive Gear Unit and Motor in One Design
NORD's DuoDrive is an innovative unit that combines the high efficiency of IE5+ motors with a single-stage helical gear unit, all in one housing. DuoDrive is optimized for the airport industry through the significant high system efficiency of up to 92%, high power density, and quiet operation. The compact, smooth design allows for easy installation and optimal space utilization. Thanks to the integration of IE5+ motor technology, this design results in reduced Total Cost of Ownership and fast Return of Investment. DuoDrive provides power ranges from 0.5 - 2HP and has flexible attachment options of a B5 flange or B14 flange.

Key features:
• Extremely high efficiency of up to 92%
• Reduced TCO and fast ROI
• Quiet operation
• Industry standard mounting dimensions
• US Availability Q2 2022

NORDAC ON/ON+ Compact Variable Frequency Drive
An economic solution for lloT environments, NORDAC ON was developed with the specific requirements of horizontal conveyor technology in mind as well as complete interaction with the new IE5+ synchronous motor (NORDAC ON+). This frequency drive can be wall-mounted or motor-mounted and comes equipped with an integrated Ethernet interface and full Plug-&-Play capabilities for fast and simplified installation. Airport conveyor lines must operate with precision and reliability to ensure baggage is not getting lost, damaged, or backed up. A breakdown in a baggage handling system could result in a backlog as well as costly repairs and delays. NORDAC ON provides the ability to customize the electronic controls specifically to airport application and conveyor needs, resulting in a highly reliable and efficient system with less downtime.

Key features:
• Power ranges: up to 1.27 HP
• IP55 or IP66 protection
• Wall-mount or motor-mount
• 3-phase 400 - 480 V
• PLC functionality for drive-related functions
• STO and SS1 optional integrated safety functions
• US Availability Q1 2022

NORDAC PRO SK 500P Variable Frequency Drive
The NORDAC PRO is a compact, centralized variable frequency drive that provides versatility for all applications. The integrated Ethernet interface can be configured for each parameter, allowing for precise control of drive systems. A USB interface allows for voltage-free parametrization and is usable even if the main power is disconnected. The parameter structure is compatible with all NORD variable frequency drives and there is an SD card slot for storage and transfer of the parameter data.

Key features:
• Power ranges: 0.33 - 7.5 HP
• IP20 protection class
• Single-phase: 200 - 240V, 3-phase: 380 - 480V
• SK TU5 plug-in control module
• SK CU5 extension modules

LogiDrive Complete Drive System Solution
The LogiDrive solution combines a highly efficient 2-stage bevel gear unit with an IE5+ Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), and a decentralized variable frequency drive. This modular system reduces the number of variants and saves on Total Cost of Ownership through standardization of geared motor versions. The inclusion of the IE5+ motor minimizes overall costs for the lifespan of the unit, achieves greater efficiency, and provides a faster return on investment. NORDAC LINK provides a decentralized VFD solution that has full Plug-&-Play capabilities for easy commissioning and low maintenance. LogiDrive works especially well with baggage handling systems due to maintaining high efficiency even in partial load ranges and low speeds.
Key features:
• High overload capacity
• Wall-mounted or motor-mounted
• Components can be replaced individually
• Large speed range through inverter technology

The NORDCON APP is a visualization solution that enables drive monitoring, fault diagnosis, analysis, and quick access to parameters from a Bluetooth-enabled device. The app also features a Help function, video tutorials, and direct contact options to send service requests straight to the NORD support team. In combination with the NORDAC ACCESS BT Bluetooth stick, this solution offers convenient mobile visibility of drive data while still granting full drive control. The Bluetooth stick also allows users to access and upload parameters drive to drive, drive to PC, and PC to drive.

Key features:
• Dashboard-based visualization
• Parameter quick access
• Backup and recovery function

Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance
NORD's condition monitoring solution records drive and status data with the objective of maintaining machines and plant productivity. Data is collected from analog, digital, or virtual sensors to determine when there is a drive issue and allows for scheduled downtimes before they turn into unplanned, costly repairs. This system is also able to calculate the optimal time to change the oil by measuring its temperature over time. This enables the drive to run effectively and efficiently with minimal wear on the components.

Two-Stage Helical Bevel Gear Units Performance and Design
NORD's two-stage helical bevel gear units feature a significant power range of 0.16 - 12.5 HP, making them ideal for conveyor applications where high speeds are required. Two-stage helical bevel units support high axial and radial load capacities with a torque range of 443 - 5,842 lb-in and the innovative high-strength aluminum alloy design enables a wash-down ready surface at a remarkably light weight. NORD's two-stage helical bevel gear units are robust, reliable, and offer high efficiency with smooth operation ideally suited for airport baggage systems.

Key features
• 6 case sizes
• Smooth surfaces
• Low operating costs
• Quiet operation

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS offers intelligent drive solutions that can be precisely matched to the specific applications of the airport industry. NORD focuses on reliability and efficiency to ensure smooth operation of systems and preventing breakdowns, a vital requirement of baggage handling systems. The modular system combines high flexibility between drive units, motors, and variable frequency drives for convenient operability that meets application needs. Contact NORD for more information at 888-314-6673 or


With more than 4,000 employees, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS has been developing, producing, and selling drive technology for over 50 years, and it is a global leader among full-service providers in the industry. In addition to standard drives, NORD delivers application-specific designs and solutions for special requirements, such as energy-saving drives or explosion-protected systems. NORD has subsidiaries and sales partners in 98 countries worldwide. The dense sales and service network guarantees optimal availability, enabling short delivery times, and customer-oriented service. NORD produces a very diverse range of drives for torques from 88 lb-in to more than 2.5 million lb-in, provides motors in the power range of 0.16 - 1,341 HP, and manufactures frequency inverters with the required power electronics of up to 200 HP. Inverter solutions are available for conventional control cabinet installations as well as for decentralized, fully-integrated drive units. Visit

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