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Join us on Tuesday, September 26th, at noon CDT, for a comprehensive webinar featuring MacroFab CEO Misha Govshteyn and Fictiv CEO Dave Evans. In this 30-minute detailed webinar, Misha and Dave will: Offer a joint perspective on market volatility's impact on manufacturing. They'll share lessons from past market contractions, delve into global supply chain dynamics, and use their corporate experiences for a comprehensive view. Guide you on identifying potential vulnerabilities in your operations. You'll learn to identify and evaluate supply chain and financial vulnerabilities and develop realistic contingency plans. Share practical tactics to bolster manufacturing resilience, including product diversification, automation and digital transformation, and the adoption of lean manufacturing principles. Offer guidance on managing workforce challenges during economic uncertainties. They'll use their collective experience managing diverse teams during demanding times. Unveil how your organization can return to growth during and after slowdowns, using insights from their experience helping startups and large organizations overcome obstacles.